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Hi guys
Just wanting opinions on our names we have chosen, i put them on another forum & no one seems to like them. I don't think they are so bad compared to some of the names i have seen.

BOY - Freddy Francis ( Francis is my hubbys name, Everyone says it is too nicknamey & suggest Frederick instead, blugghh, i"m not one to shorten names so believe in naming them what you are gong to call them.)

GIRL - Millie Rose (can't really see anything wrong with this one)

Let me know your opinions, be honest please.

Renee, NSW, (Annie 10/5/05)

Hi Renee

Well Freddy isn't a name I would choose, but I don't think it's bad. I also agree with using the shortened version (ie not Frederick) if that's what you intend to call him.

I LOVE Millie Rose, I would use that but my husband doesn't like Millie.

Leah smile
I love millie rose too. it's really pretty - but i'm not sure about freddy francis - please dont be offended - it makes me think of old gangster movies. i also agree dont pick a name that will be shortened, and i think the family connection of francis is fantastic ( we are doing a similar thing naming our baby - and i have picked rose as the middle name for my girl too) but i dont' go much on freddy
Hi there smile
I dont think its at all bad, this is name that you need to yell from the back door, say with pride and love, if you like it go for it and please dont go on what other forum users think. Its your baby and its lovely that you have chosen a name that also includes your DH's name.

Haylie ~ Twin Mum + One

I actually like Freddy - it's cool!
My fiance wanted to name our son Frank, after him, but I just couldn't do it. My DF gets called either Frank or Frankie, his Dad's name is Francis but he gets called Frank and I think it woulda been too confusing for our little boy (too many Frank's!) We named him Jaksen Frank instead, and he was okay with that.
I love Millie, too, such a sweet little girls name.

Dirty Thirty this year! Bring it on!!

I think it's alright, I mean how often are you going to go around calling the baby by its first and middle name together, his name will be Freddy , right??? really like it actually, the more i say it, and gotta love Millie as well, ithink there ok, and all babes grow into their names anyway, my babies never look like their name uuntil about 5 or 6 months old..
dont like Freddy or Millie( my mum has a dog called Millie) both names do sound like a pets name- sorry
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lol now that i come back and look at this forum it's not as bad as i originally thought. And that is a valid point - how often will he actually be callled by both names.
i like them both!
Freddy Francis obviosuly sounds very similar, but your using it because its a family name, and really how many people actually know the middle names of others.

i'm arguing with my DH because he thinks middle names are a waste as no one knows them and doesnt want to use one.... i think they help make an indervidual. (i will win this battle)

oh Lady kh, i ahve froiends who 1/has a middle name that he hates and 2/ his wife has no middle name, so when they had twin girls they decided not to give them a middle name, fair enough, but now the girls are 6 soon to be 7, they are wanting middle names, so the mum has made 2 name up for them and they think thats what they are called , but on the vbirth cert there is none, she really wishes she had given them names now, so i know not everyone has one, but just an experience from someone who didn't do it ans wished she had.
Love love love Millie Rose. Not as keen on Freddy Francis, - just because of the FF initials. I hope you can come up with something you are both happy with.

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