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can i use this name Rss


So far I have 2 girls

Dakota Skye
Summer Lee.

we are expecting our third daughter in 11 weeks and are really stuck for names, one name i really like is

Indiana (havent decided on a middle name yet)

what do people think about using the name Indiana when my eldest daughter is Dakota.

some other names i like are
Kiah, Peyton & Raine

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07


There's nothing wrong with it at all.

I have an Ebonee and a Sapphire and an angel Rubee.

Kristi 5 kids.

We have a daughter called Indie which originally we liked indiana maybe that could be an alternative otherwise indiana is cool i think..
Who cares what others think anyway, we liked dakota if we had another girl but, iam having a boy this time.
good luck x

Nat, WA

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