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Hubbys Pick....please let me know!!! Lock Rss

Hubby came up with a baby name when we were pregnant last time, and now we are TTC the name has come up again! No matter how much I tell him its not a name and we aren't calling our baby that, he has his heart set on it. I told him I'd put it on here and see what all the girls think of it and hopefully settle the debate once and for all!!!

The name he likes is Peatal (pronounced Petal).....
Please let me know if anyone thinks this is a nice girls name or not!!

DD Giarna 25/05/05 DS Cameron 15/01/08

Sorry to your husband, but I think that is a terrible name and if you want your child to be picked on at school you are going down the right track if you call it that!!
I am not a fan of the name either. sorry.
How hard is it to pick a name, we are also having similar problems. Hopefully we will have a name soon that we both can agree on.

Good luck!

I think the name is quite pretty- but there will be a serious problem when she goes to school because unless your a celebrity child you CAN NOT get away with that sort of name.

I think the name is quite nice but would never use it

Lilly,6/ Paige,14mnths & my angel Maddy-SIDS

not sure but dont like the spelling at all

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Peatal would be pronounced Pee tal. That would be like telling a child to spell incorrectly don't you think? Not a huge fan of it, hope you win!
Sorry but that name is REALLY REALLY BAD.

Its as bad as names like Apple.

But i get the feeling you welcome me having that opinion lol

Kristi 5 kids.

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