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Over due......Still cant decide on names Rss

Ok so I am like three days over bub's still not here and we cant decide on names, hubby and I thought we had a good one picked out for if it was a girl but now I dont really like it: Izabella-Payge I found a name on here that I absolutly loved and I cant remember which post it was to ask the Girl/Lady if she minded if used it: Saraya ( I think thats how she spelt it).

I liked Hunter, Jaxson and Zachary for a boy but now I dont know I also like Dayne???

Any ideas for how we get past this??

Hi Jess,

It wasn't Zakaya, was it? I found that one in a baby name book but hubby doesn't like it!!

We can never agree on names either, but don't stress, my nephew didn't have a name til he was bout 7 days old. so you have some time to see what bub looks like and decide then!


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the post about the name Saraya was called
what do you think about.....
The lady that posted it was nic4.
I will bump up the post for you so you can see it.

Izabella-Payge is lovely, although i think it looks a little strange with Payge spelt with a "y" next to a first name with a "z" in it for some reason.

Saraya is a gorgeous name, you should use it if you love it.

Other unusual girls names are


Good luck deciding and good luck with the birth.

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