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Hi Everyone! Newbie to this forum.
I was wondering what you all thought of the name Hudson? For a boy of course!
Thanks for your time!
Hi there!
I think that's a beaut name for a boy, just remember to put it with the last name only to make sure your not going to accidently call it something stupid. I say that coz, we kept our babys name a secret and was just saying her name with her middle name all the time, never just her first and last. When we announced her name we realised we accidently called her mayonnaise, if you say her name fast, as she's Maia Naismith. Yep, we're pretty dumb parents, aren't we???
Have fun!!

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

We know the feeling. The only name we liked before Hudson was Balin ( pronounced bay-lin) our last is Ball. Bowling ball and always bailing out. We just couldn't do it to him. Another we know of is Peter Nut ( P. Nut ). He married a lady who had always wanted to call her daughter, if she had one, Hazel - she didn't.
Thanks for your reply!
Hello FionaB I think Hudson is a great name! Very strong and it is suitable for a boy and a man. The other thing you need to think about is the babies initials ie Derek Hudson would have the initials of D.H. A friend of ours names there son Sean Oscar Sanderson so his initials will be S.O.S. We grew up with neighbours who were really lovely people but there surname was Kerr. No big deal except his name was Wayne and her name was Jo, Wayne Kerr and Jo Kerr. Our parents used to have a private joke about it but didnt point it out to us kids until we were older. So in this case it was the adults who were cruel not the kids. Good luck, naming your child is such a big decision. Have fun.
Hi , the best way is to say it with your last name and if it dont sound funny to you then use it. But also remeber its not the older ones that pick on kids names it the kids them self as they can be so crawl to each other by teasing about names. In the end its your choice and no one else's even if no one else likes it, I once went to school with a boy called Mathew Mathews now he was ribbed. I think the name sounds fine as it sounds like a boys name and not one you have to the person to see what sex they are as there are mnay names out there that shared by both sex's.

Hi Fiona,
I like the name Hudson. I agree it will grow with him from toddler to manhood. As well as the other advice dont forget to shorten the name and see if you still like it. No matter how much you protest people will call him "Huddy", "Huds" etc. I still think these are fine but its not my baby. Say his name quickly and slowly also. Does it rhyme with other children in the familys names or your husbands? It is such a hard decision to make as it is lifetime one. Sounds very strong to me though. It would suit a brickky or an accountant. Another piece of advice is to keep it a secret from personal friends and acquaintences as they will be very honest in their opinion while you are still pregnant "I dont like the name Hudson what about George". You then have to live with these nasty comments once you have named him. If you wait until the baby is born people will be nice and then the name will grow on them if they didn't like it in the first place.
My opinion - I like it
best of luck

Fiona, NSW

I actually know a guy whose name is Hudson! I think its a great name! He always gets called Hud though - which I think sounds cool too, but as jordys mum said - its not my baby - and u might hate people shortening your childs name?

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

The name hudson is pretty cool! Manly yet great for a baby too. I'm pretty sure these days the shortening of names is not quite so common as it was. At my son's school, most of the kids are still Harrisons, Benjamins and Timothys rather than Harrys, Bens and Tims. The best way to avoid choosing a name that could be trouble later on is to find a very astute eight year old boy like my son and throw all of your name choices at him. He'll soon let you know any derogatory or annoying nicknames that could be a potential problem!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Hudson is a fantastic name. As most of the other reply stated it will grow with him from baby to man. It's a great choice..... (i wish i thought of it smile)

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

Dear Fiona B,
Sounds like most of us have liked it. When are you due? Please keep us informed as I would love to know what your final decision is as well as the health of your little one.

Fiona, NSW

All of these are suggestions for choosing the right name is great and should definately be considered, but just because you like the name doesn't mean it will suit him.

I chose 3 names for my son that I liked, didn't sound funny, ran easily together, so on and so on.

The main thing was that if he had a face that didn't look like a Hudson- his name is easily forgotten.

I read a book a while back now and it was talking about people and their names. A person whose name suits their features is easily remembered, the person whos features don't match their name is more likely to be called something other than his real name and forgotten.

Basically that is what it said.

Choose more than one name- I know- it was so hard, but you know what.... the first name we chose and liked the most turned out to suit him best in the end anyway.

Good Luck, let us know what you decide.

ps: I love the name Hudson, very strong name- mainly like it because of the movie Hudson Hawk (Bruce Willis- where he sings "Swing on a star"- great song to sing to your kids)

Susan, QLD, mo2 = B3y4m & G18m

thanks everyone for your input.

Our beautiful boy is now 1 mth old. I had Chicken pox when I was 11wks and also a wisdom tooth removed right before I found out I was pregnant, but he is perfect and unscathed. We called him Hudson Balin and he suits both names he has a very strong face and even though he is only 1 mth old he has a strong personality showing itself. He is a perfect baby only waking up once per night for the past week and a half and rarely crying. His brother (Joshua Gordan 3yo) adores and dotes on him ( he thinks when Hudson sucks on his finger mikl comes out )
Thanks for your input they were all great
Dare I say, happiest mum on earth!!
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