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Girls name to go with Joshua Lock Rss

My son's name is Joshua. We are expecting a girl and having a lot of trouble settling on a name. I prefer 2 or more syllables. Our surname is two syllable starting with H so I am avoiding H names. Also don't mind names that can be shortened as Joshua gets called Josh a lot. I am not sure what style girls names go well with Joshua. Hit me with your best idea's. Thank you.
Lots can go with Josh! my favs ...Alisha, Alison both shortened to Ally. Katie, Rebecca, Jenna.

Some names I like and think go with Joshua:

Amelia 'Milly'
Abigail 'Abby'
Olivia 'Liv/Livy'
Sophie/Sophia 'Soph'
Alana 'Lani'
Alice 'Ali'
Lillian 'Lily'
Evelyn 'Evie'
Eden 'Edie'
Madeline 'Maddy'
Alexis 'Lexi'
Gabriella 'Gabby'
Annabel 'Bel'
Addison 'Addie'
Mikayla 'Miki'
Indiana 'Indi'

Hope that helps. Good luck!
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