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"Stolen" baby name Rss

I use the word "stolen" very loosely as no one owns a name however this is my dilemma.
I fairly new friend (of about 1 yr) has just had twins (1 girl and 1 boy) and named the boy Harrison. This was the name that I had my heart set on and my baby boy is due in 5 weeks. We never actually discussed baby names and what we were planning on calling our babies and I thought I was being smart by not letting everyone know the name that I had chosen (although it obviously backfired a little).

Do I still use the name that I was hoping to use and run the risk of upsetting her or do I try and find another name that grabs me? Would others be upset if a friend named their baby the same name 5 weeks later?
Hi oribear

Yes, you still use the name. You say she is a 'fairly new' friend - who's to say she's still going to be around in a year or even the future?

We didn't name our daughter what we had originally planned for her as my partner's footy coach had a child 2 weeks earlier with that name. We have never seen that footy coach again, and meanwhile we have the 2nd choice name for our child! (Which, of course, she has grown in to - but her first name would have suited her so much more.)

I'd say it would be different if it was a dear friend that you saw all the time. We have a (close) family member who used my child's name as a middle name! That didn't sit well with me! (So there are two cousins sharing the name - luckily middle names don't get used much so I got over it... eventually!)

But for you, I say continue with it. Explain (and apologise!) to your friend, but I think you continue on as planned. Who knows, if you continue as life friends with this person, one of you might end up calling the child "Harrison" and the other one might shorten it to "Harry" - so you won't even know they share the same actual name!

God luck!
I know the feeling names are so hard in the first place and then to have someone 'steal' your name that you worked so hard on choosing can be very annoying. I agree with Naomi8 that you should use the name if you still like it, think of all of the people out there that share the name, it doesn't make it any less perfect for your baby because you know one of them.

My husband is the youngest of 8 siblings with a HUGE extended family that are all really close so we had over 100 names that were on our close family and friend list that we couldn't / wouldn't use.

Just speaking as a former child with an unusual name, please don't add a silent 'X' or anything to make it more "exciting" as my mother said, it's a real pain when you're a kid!

Wasn't really stolen from you if you had never discussed names with her.
These things happen. If you still love the name then go for it, it's a pretty common name now anyway so I wouldn't think it would matter.
I would be flattered not upset.
Although I would mention that Harrison is your top pick for a boy too. And let her know your going to use the name.

At work there were 2 ladies and one man whose wife were all pregnant within the same year. They all had girls. Two were named Caitlyn and the other couple also had Caitlyn as their top pick but went with Ashlee instead coz of the other two. Both the ladies never returned to work so only the guy was left with his second choice name, Ashlee. Bit of a bugger for them coz if they went with Caitlyn if wouldn't have mattered.
If you love the name. Go for it. You will regret it later if you don't. I would just mention next time you see her that you have the same name at the top of your list. Your baby your choice. If you have not discussed names with each other it should not really be a problem.

It's frustrating but it happens and most often is unintentional particularly if you have similar tastes to your friends. I was originally going to call my boy Ryeland, then found out my friend Rebecca had another child when we drifted apart for a bit before reconnecting that she named Rylan, and we purely just like the same things and I laughed it off and began name hunting again with same fear of offending or copying because it's too similar. Not telling what his name is until he is born though :b sometimes you can even be so sure with a name then the minute you see your child you feel like you know something that suits them even more once you see that gorgeous little face! smile
Don't know how to start this so will start with use the name. As the others have mentioned people come and go, and do you really want to be someone who is resentful for not naming you son your preferred name?
From my experience which is a very painful one, you can't make everyone happy. I had a boy after 2 girls which I was overjoyed with but the whole moment was ruined just over his name. My eldest sister has a boy named Harrison, and I always liked Harry so I named by son that. Well from moments after his birth my sister and her family, my Mother and step father hurled abuse towards me. I was conflicted as to what to do, do I change his name and not have the name I wanted or just leave it the way it was? I ended up leaving his name as he was my child and no one else had a right to name him. I have mended the relationship some with my mother, but I have not spoken to my sister since my son was born 3 1/2 years ago. Have spoken to other people about this and they say that that's ridiculous, someone wouldn't do that - but they did. The oddest thing is the names are different, I know some families where the kids have identical first and last names. Do what makes you happy!
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