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Thoughts on names..??? Lock Rss

After my very brief discussions with DH (who isn't really interested yet) on names I have come up with a small list of names I like. What do you think?

Jase Andrew H
Zayden Andrew H
Jake Andrew H

Just in case they have made a mistake with the sex I have picked a couple of girls names also but am unsure on them as I prefer different names but am lost this time around. Also I have no idea on the middle name.
Phoebe ?
Bridgette ?

Your thoughts would be great smile

I like more traditional names so I would go for Jake. And I would prefer Hayden and Jason to your picks.

As for girl how about Harriet?
I like Jake and Pheobe

all the best
I liked Andrew from your Boy baby's names list.
And I would pick Bridgette for girl.
Phoebe and Jake
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