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Banksy? Hate it or like Rss

My husband and I love the name Banksy for a boy what do you think?
Sorry, personally not a fan here.

Sorry also not a fan but if you and your hubby both like it then I say go for it. We found it so difficult to agree on names smile
No sorry not a fan at all.

Sorry I don't like it either, more of a nickname but each to their own. If you both love it that is all that matters
No sorry I dont like it either

Sorry not a fan. But like others have said it can be hard to find a name that you both love. If that's the case go for it.

No. Sorry but I really hate it. It's not a name. It's what I imagine a bunch if fellas would shout out to their mate at the pub if his last name was Banks. "Hey Banksy, get us another beer mate!" (said with a drunken slur). That was the first thing that came to mind when I heard it.

The other thing that came to mind was that it could be a pet dog's name.

But each to their own, I have heard worse, lol.

people can be very limited when it comes to imagination and will probably suggest you name your son john or something commonly boring like that, so when he gets to school he can have 5 other kids with the same name in his year

i like it...both you and hubby agree so that really is a bonus

Hey its completely up to you what u pick and everyone gets used to any name in a few weeks... but i suggest to keep looking, my husband and i had a name we both loved and near the end decided to start looking again, decided on another name and are very glad we didnt go with the first one!! smile
all the best... its a hard game
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