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what do you all think of tom cruise and katie holmes calling their girl suri?????
It sounds a bit like sewerage
It is quite original but I dont like it

what do you all think???


Sonia QLD Mikayla 8.10.04 & edd 1.05.06

I think its stupid. They put little research into the name because in Japanses the name means pickpocket.... I mean WHAT THE.......

What is it with celebs and naming their children weird names. I mean I am all for orignality however I think it comes to a point where its a bit beyond a joke.


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

Mikayla - I totally thought the same thing! Lol. perhaps we are being a bit judgemental tho....i mean i named my son after a cognac smile

Quinnie and Remy (03/12/05)

When I heard the name Suri I thought it sounded a bit like sewerage too. I personally don't like it for a name but the meaning is beautiful.
ive just looked up SURI and in my book it means pointed nose god help the bub if it has a nose like tom haha

it a terrible name
I agree! It sounds like sewerage!!


I mean, how common are their names? Katie & Tom??

Poor little girl sad

lol i didn't know it meant pickpocket in japanese, how weird. poor little baby!

Bec xo
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