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Boys middle name to go with Joshua Lock Rss

hi im 35 weeks and unsure about the sex. we like Amelia-Rose Horton for a girl and Joshua (something) Horton for a boy. anyone got any suggestions???? thanks smile
Oohhh, not long to go now. Congratulations. I love Amelia Rose for a girl.

For a boy how about the following for some ideas
Joshua Matthew
Joshua Daniel
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Kevin
Joshua Adam
Joshua Charles

All the best.
Hi there,
So funny that you write that because i am having exactly the same issue. Have you come up with any more ideas since you posted? .....the only ones i came up with were:
Joshua Luke
Joshua David
Joshua Sammuel
But its hard to find something that we both like....
I suppose the first name is more important though, and Joshua is a very strong and solid name for a male of all ages...

Loz: new mum to Joshua David (11.07.2006) - Sydney

perhaps Joshua Connor Horton?? good luck with your search
hey many hard to's a couple more to make things more difficult..LOL..
Joshua Mitchell
Joshua Michael
Joshua Cameron
and by the way i LOVE Amelia-Rose for a girl!!!
Good luck!

Sam and Hayley and bub

i like Joshua Edward or Joshua William

Amelia-Rose is also a beautiful name
good luck
Hi there, I have a Joshua Shane . Good luck smile


Wow Joshua must really be popular right now, coz i LOVE that name, its so cute. I have a baby girl name Chantelle Michelina (middle name after me & my nanna) if we have a boy next i really like Joshua and having the same prob too... not sure of a middle name! Sometimes family members that really mean a lot to you or baby's daddy can also inspire, maybe dads name or gradpa. My dads name is Leo, so i was thinking maybe Joshua Leon, i also like Joshua Michael. But yeah, maybe someone you kow that is very close to your heart
Goog luck gasp)
Gotta love Joshua James.

Good luck, not long to go ( but your probably sick of hearing that tongue )

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