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Please help me choose Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I would love some feedback fom you all. I have 3 girls names I like.

Courtney Claire Gray

Bridget Claire Gray

Lucinda Claire Gray (to be called Lucie)

Now, my husband loves Courtney most but here's where I get stupid. My first daughters name is Bethany Paige Gray, do you think that having a Bethany and a Courtney is odd because they have the same sound?? (NY sound)

Also, if we did choose Bridget, then even though they sound different they both start with B, so they would both have the initials BG.

So anyway, it seems I like Lucinda best because of my stupid pickiness with the other two names, but I know a girl we went to school with called her girl Lucy. We don't keep in contact, so I don't think she would really care tho.

Argh!! Pregnancy hormones and picking names = disaster!
i like all the names you have chosen.

try not to stress to much about sounds etc, go with what u like.

in the end its up to u and why not wait till shes born if its to hard to decide now.

but i do like lucy.

hope it helps.

shell g mum 2 b

I think Courtney Claire has a lovely ring to it ... and to me, it sounds fine alongside Bethany Paige ... <shrug>.

Anyway, good luck with your choice and I hope you're able to settle on something soon! smile

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

They are all great names!
I think I like Lucie the best, as it's not as common.

Also not too sound silly, but if you go with Courtney her nick name might be CC or Court (it's ok if it doesn't bug you, but all nicknames and initials are what my hubby and i look at!)
How ever Countney would be a close 2nd with me as LG ('feels good'- the commerical for a fridge, TV,etc!)

I like Lucinda the best. It's a very pretty, feminine girls name and I like it shortened to Lucie. It's a name that's not too common but very much in vogue now and always I think. It has a certain sophistication about it.

By the way, Catriona Rowntree's (TV celebrity) sister is called Lucinda. A bit of trivia for you.

Hi babe,

I wouldnt worry too much about your girls names being similar Go for the one you like the most.

My sister and I actually have the same name in Russian. Her name is Natasha and mine is Natalie How lazy were my parents tongue ?

Anyway even though ours are sooo similar it never was a big thing she got called Tash and I got Nat when we were growing up and sometimes we both got Natty. Our initials are the same and this has got me out of not voting sometimes because I just say the crossed off the wrong person on the list smile. So go with what you like the best, wich ever way you go you wont regret it.

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