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Boys Middle name starting with J Lock Rss

We are due to have a baby in late October and we are not going to find out what we are having, already hubby and I have decided on a girls full name but we have not yet decided fully on a boys name.

We like the first name "Benjamin" and would like a "J" middle name to go with it, as all our middle names start with J so we'd like to continue this but I can't seem to think of any that go nicely with Benjamin.

We already have John and James used in the family so any others you can think of would be much appriciated to try and help us out.

Thank you

Hi Hayley,

My first thoughts were John or James, both those names are in our family too!!
What about -
Benjamin Jye
Benjamin Jacob
Benjamin Jake
Benjamin Jesse
My eldest is Joshua, but I didn't think it ran as nicely with Benjamin.

Its quite hard, I agree. Hope this helps.

Benjamin Justin
Benjamin Jeremy

Hmmm ... pity about 'John' and 'James' being taken, because I think those short, simple kind of names sound the best with a long one like Benjamin.

One of the other girls suggested Jake ... which might be good ... and Joel could go well too ... or what about Jay <or Jai>?

Will keep thinking for you smile

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

I like these three combinations
Benjamin Jerome
Benjamin Jonah
Benjamin Johan
I really like Jesse as a boys middle name, it sounds traditional as well as modern
Benjamin Jesse
What about Jae??? I am in love with this name, planning to call my son Jae Bradley (if I ever have one!)

Lauren Is Nearly Due!!!

Hi there,

my baby boys name is Brooklyn Jet. I think the name Jet would fit in this situation too.

Benjamin Jet Or Jett????

Good Luck smile let us know 2

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