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What do you guys think of this name? Lock Rss

Madison marie ngaire Fletcher or
Madison Ngaire Marie Fletcher??????

Ellen, Wanganui NZ, 4 year old and 37 weeks pregs

If it were me, I'd go the Madison Ngaire Marie Fletcher (to me it seems to flow off the tongue a little better). Have to say - love the choices though - if I didn't already have a million girls names I liked, I'd add Ngaire (maybe I'll add it anyway - although - my luck will be that I'll have all boys because I can't think of any other boys names I like besides the ones I've already used - my son is James Cameron).
Good luck with deciding and hope3 all goes well.....

James' Mum

Love all those names. I used to work with a lovely lady called Ngaire (she pronounced it Naree) and haven't heard of anyone else by that name.

I think Madison Ngaire Marie works best. As the other mum said it rolls off the tongue a bit better than the other way round.

Best wishes.
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