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Is this silly? Lock Rss

Just wondering i am going to find out what we are having next friday 28/04/2006. And we have a girls name: Sky Azura Parker (Azura means blue sky) I love that name but we have NOOOO idea what we want to call our baby if its a boy we have been through tons of books but nothing then my partners name is damien and i love that name so we decided we would call our baby damien aswell if its a boy i dont think theres anything wrong with doing that!? But just like to hear your opinions. My mum my sister my nana and my great nana all have the same name so im not sure what to think???smile
I share my name with my mum and my grandmother with no problems except when we are all together then middle names come out.

My brothers name is Damien I think it isa nice name

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

I love the name Issac or Liam for a boy - not sure about the girls name - haven't decided yet

So i hope that helps a little.


Kellie, NSW Lucas born on the 16th October

At last someone else who likes the same name I do! We just found out that we are having a little girl, due in August and the name we have picked for her is Skye Fiona (very Scottish) my husband and I both love it but most people weve told are like.. oh! Skye! thats... nice... bit Neighbours though dont you think!!! Can I ask have you had a similar response?? I love the name and dont want to change it but im starting to have doubts... Sorry back to Damien... I think its a lovely name and also really special to call a first born son after his dad. Hope this helps:)

Dell, Hawkes Bay NZ

hey jen
no far from been silly when i was awaiting my scan i could only think of girls names i liked
no boys names, and funny enough were having a girl but if we ever have a boy we eventually said we would have thomas (after my hubby's dad) and james as his middle name after my hubby so special to pass on names.
Our little girl will be called madison louise, she's taking on my middle name as her middle name plus my niece and i are so close and her middle name is the same cause of me so we all like it cause it's special.

Mother to 2 beautiful kids.

Only thing is it can get a bit confusing if father and son have the same name.

Hi Jen,

I don't think it's silly at all to name your son after his daddy. I think it's kinda cute. I really wanted to name this one after my partner but he said no, because he didn't like his name growing up so why should the baby have to put up with it.

So, we've settled with keeping the same initials. Only thing is my dad and my eldest brother have the same initials and I remember when we all still lived with our parents there was a bit of confusion with mail being addressed to Mr M.L. Costello. Oh well not really a biggie!!

I think if you and your partner are happy with giving bubby his daddy's name then go for it.

By the way, I think Sky Azura is a gorgeous name, very pretty!!

Take care

Kylie, SA, Mum of Tiahna 9yo and Liam 23.06.06

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