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Twins!!! Lock Rss

I am having twin girls, Any suggestios on names?

Amy, Twins

Congratulations twins are so great! Mine are now 3 1/2 and it's been fantastic. Sorry, no suggestions on names just wanted to say congrats! Are these your first?
Hi Amy

Congrats on your pending twins. How exciting.

I work with twins who are named Tina & Lisa.
I have twin cousins who are named Lisa & Leanne.

If i were to have twin girls I think i'd use either of the names below:-

Matisse, Kaleah, Alexia, Amarli, Kahtyah, Xanthe

I like different names so they may not suit.

Some really girlie gorgeous names i like but probably wouldnt have due to my liking weird names are:

Amelia, Sienna, Emily, Brooklyn, Kaitlyn, Jasmyn.

Hope you like some of these. Good Luck smile

Mummy to Orion - The star in our universe!!

hi there wow that is great my sister had twins 11 years ago they are just wonderful. my girls name would be neve and ava i think they are just beautiful hope i helped out chrissy
Congrats Amy. Wow, twins!!

My friend has twin girls named Emily and Sophie
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