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Middle Name for Brooke Lock Rss

Hi everyone, my husband and I are expecting a little girl in August and really like the name Brooke. However we cant come up with a middle name that works. I like Brooke Ashley but our surname starts with a D so her initals would spell BAD. Maybe I'm funny but I can't do that. Our surname is also short so a middle name with more than one syllable would go best I think. We are absolutly racking our brains, Please help. Thanks.
This is amazing. Our 4yo's name is Brooke Ashley as I liked the name Ashley and my husband liked Brooke so we combined both names. However as I like the name Ashley that much I tend to always call my daughter Brooke Ashley (although I am the only person that does this and my husband always picks on me for this). Our surname starts with C (Crivari) so our daughters initials are BAC. I personally think these two names go really well together - maybe I am a bit biased smile.

Good Luck but I think you should go with Brooke Ashley.

Nicki, mum to Taylor(7), Brooke(4),Jasmine (6 mths

As you really like Ashley I think you should stick with it. Given that her initials will be BAD and that bothers you, have you considered an extra middle name - Like Brooke Ashley Jane - so her initials are BAJD? (Just an example).

hi there .

im being trying to think of a middle name and i have came up with brooke may or brooke elle hope this was helpful 4 you
from chrissy
Hi, just wanted to say I think Brooke Ashley is a very beautiful name. Dont let her initals put you off! I also like the idea of two middle names and love the combination... Brooke Ashley- Erin. Im sure whatever you decide will be lovely wink

Dell, Hawkes Bay NZ

I was going to call my second child Brooke elizabeth or brooke maree these suggestions may help gook luck
Brooke Ashley is a beautiful name.
hey there,
What about Brooke Amelia or Brooke Andrea or Brooke Miranda or Brooke Morgan Ashley?

Hope these help.

Half way with 1st bub.
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