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Our youngest is named Reagan (pronounced REEgan) do you automatically think boy or girl when you hear it?

I have just recently hada couple of situations where someone has asked her name then looked twice and said "Oh I thought it was a girl but with a name like that must be a boy" and similar comments.

Don;t worry won't get offended if you say boy, just curious!! LOL
Reagan Said either way to me is feminine. I thought of a girl straight away.

I think of girl too, although it is unisex I spose - I still prefer it for a girl smile
When i hear it i think unisex straight away! I know one of each sex so i guess thats why! If i ever had it thought i would name a girl Reagan over a boy smile
I would say girl.. Reagan sounds a bit feminine to me.
I agree, it sounds like a girls name.


I'm going to go against the flow here... all the Reegan's I've ever known have been boys. I have known three - one of them is my husband's best friend. His name is spelled Regan. So because of that I think it will always be a boy's name to me!
I have only ever known a boy Reagan, however i love the name for a girl.

To me its unisex!
I used to think it was a boys name, but over the years I've met and heard of more girls with the name Reagan. I personally love it as a girls name, but don't like it much for a boy.
Thanks for the replies ladies,
I had never heard of a male Reagan which is why I always thought of it as a female name til I got a couple of comments!
Though both people that asked would have been 50+ so maybe it was more common for boys a few years ago??

Sabrina, thats why I put an 'a' in as I thought when looking at it spelt Regan it looked a little masculine
Hmmm thats interesting cos I have only ever met and heard of boy Regan's so its boy for me.
I don't know any but I would say girl.
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