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hey just looking for different my babies father is aboriginal first DS has his name and obviously cant use it again so thinking of other ways we can giv it something special.. i am pretty set on a name but would love to see some aboriginal names as they r sooo hard to find good ones on the net...


Darel (blue sky)
Cobar (burnt earth)
Kulan (possum)
Uwan (forgot the

i dont know if any of them are useable but would love to hear if ppl hav any aboriginal names they know of.. thanks!!

Jarrah- eucyalptus tree

does nobody have any suggestions? there r several nice names for girls but aboriginal boys names r hard to come by bcoz i like masculine sounding names

Hi there,

Here are a few I like

Dheran (a gully)
Konol (the sky)
Balun (a river)
Natan (a figtree)
Miki (the moon)
Kulan (possum)

Hope you find something you like soon smile]
hi, sorry i dont have any suggestions but i really love Cobar! is it pronounced Co-bar? thats how i would say it.

With regards to Cobar, according to wikipedia: The name Cobar is derived from Ngiyampaa Kuparr.

I read somewhere a few weeks ago that Kuparr itself is the indigenous pidgin/pronunciation for copper, which is mined in that town (Cobar).

In terms of masculine sounding indigenous words/names, how about Balun? [river]. Remember, the spelling can only ever be described as an approximation, so don't concern too much with changing it to suit your needs (Balan, Balin, etc).
Hi there, I have an aboriginal friend and he named his son `Bilay` and if i remember correctly i think it means `red breasted parrot` or something like that anyway. Goodluck.
Hey I know this is a few months old but I have some boy names and meanings.

Maliyan - wedge tailed eagle
Djarlo - fire
Merekai - peace keeper
Matari - Man
My husbands maternal side are waradjiri people... we liked Yarran for a boy.
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