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Lol.. Mell, we would go to perth for the night but it means we gotta travel for 8 hours.. might be a litte far. And we aren't going to albany for another 3 weeks.
Mum is taking the girls on the night for a couple of hours so i can cook a nice dinner, we can't really afford to go out to eat.

Today the tree loppers are grinding our stumps then they just gotta get the bob cat in to remove the rest of the branches and ti's all done... Yesterday the girls were screaming cause the mulcher was here and the cherry picker and the noise was a bit loud for them so we had to hide at mums for the morning... But today is not so bad.

The day is finally a bit sunny here so i would be able to do some washing if it wasn't for the guy out the back with all his machines making it impossible to hand on the line.
You poor thing Monique - sounds like your always washing!! We've had some wild rainy weather over here in Qld, and I've been running around today like a maniac to try to get it all done! It doesn't take long to get behind with one child - HELP ME when I have two!!! LOL...

Thanks Mel, yeah it soooo sux when I already feel tired and run down, then get sick on top of it. I've been a bit lucky tho, as DH is on holidays atm, so he has been around to help with Tyran. YAY!!! Sleep in's for me (well at least till 7.30am - instead of the usual 5.30am when the monkey wakes!)

I've done the hot honey, garlic and lemon thing, and feeling a little better today. I think the worst thing is knowing if I wasn't preg that I'd be able to take some wonderful drug that would make me feel better sad no such luck...

Chat again soon people - just to rub it in to you all - I'm going for a MASSAGE HA! soooo going to enjoy it, my sciatic (sp) has been playing up for months now, and I've finally got a chance while DH is home to go and do something about it! It'll prob be the last chance I get now for a loooonnngggg time....
Where are you Anna? Hope all is ok...
hello all,
well cant quite remember what everyone has said, but i do recall anniversaries being brought up, we didnt really celebrate our "first year" together, we more do bdays etc, as not sure of the exact date, you would call when we first started seeing each other, its around end of april though, its the actual date we arnt sure of.everyone has such cute sounding children(though cant top my girl, lol), wakelins different thats for sure, just wouldnt make my list, lol-its nice on other peoples children(sorry im just trying to avoid being rude about it, probably just screwed it up explaining, lol).
one thing i can remember is anna asking about the job i had an interview for;well it would be a float position, 8.30-3.30.its near johns work, and its not a massive day for charlotte, although they dont have spaces in the nursery, theyre full already(although the lady was going to ask the directors whether they could figure something out if i got it), and the fees would be $77 a day(unsubsided{sp}).
im waiting to hear back from her, should be tomorrow or friday so fingers xd!!!!!id love this job, it would be ideal, and if they could get a place in the nursery, i would take it, as convience is rather handy, we wouldnt have to screw around driving everywhere, and i can check her during the day, etc.oh i so want to know, but dont want to get hopes up, but would love, love, love this job!!!
on another note, sytarnya(SP), i read your post in the breech baby thread, and there was another newbie in here who i think posted in the same thread.hope all goes well for the two of you, as long as you do whats best for you and bub, you cant do much more.
Hi All smile
Im oki Sytarnya thanks for thinking of me smile
been at work all day relieving 9-5 I was only going to do til 1.30 but teacher went home sick, got to go grocery shop now be back later to catch up all the posts smile
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Yeah the sun has been shining all day here, and i did get to hang out my washing because the tree loppers were done at lunch time... YAY!! The backyard is getting better now that the trees are gone.. just need the stumps removed and hten we can start on the digging and grass... smile
Sytarnya- I remember being sick when i was pregnant with the girls, it really knocks you round, and its horrible when you cant' take anything to add relief... Hope you are feeling better real soon!

Well i have an idea for wedding anniversary present, there is a play down here in a couple of weeks at our theatre, and i was thinking about buying us each a ticket for a night out together without the girls... But i'm not sure if it's a good idea or not, it's hard to buy anything and seems like a waste of money to buy him something that he won't use or want.

Yup i'm always doing washing, i do at least a load a day...

Sharelle I wonder If I have met your sister in law, I have been to lots of centres relieving, What age does she like to work with?
How is wakelin is he enjoying the hot weather?

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Where abouts did you stay in NZ for your honeymoon Monique? Hubby and I are staying in Wellington.
Sytarnya wow 5 years hehe hubby and I 2 month wedding anniversary tomorrow hehe. The present you got your hubby sounds really special smile
Aw im sorry to hear you not well, hugs and hope you feeling better soon.
NOt long now Mell smile are Kruz and Sienna excited? A wee boy at the centre I was at today and yesterday told me "my mum's got a baby in her tummy" "It's Kaylee"
Sytarnya how was your massage? so jealous hehe smile
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