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Our name picks! Lock Rss

Ok here are mine a DH name picks. Let me know what you think (but if you don't like, please try not to be harsh, a simple answer will do hehe)

Girl - Zoe Serenity
Boy - Ezekiel Zion


Love both especially Ezekiel I love love love this name!
I like them both too - just a small thought (not that it will matter really as no-one goes around saying first and middle names all the time) but you may get Zeke Zion if Ezekiel is shortened? Don't let it put you off tho! smile
I love love LOVE the name Ezekiel. Would call my second son that (if I didn't already have a Zachery! Somehow I think two Z sounds is a little too much for me).

Zoe Serenity is such a beautiful, peaceful name.

You've chosen well!

I really like your girls name, it's very cute! But I'm not sure how to pronounce your boys name sorry.. But everyone else likes it lol so I'm sure I would too

But I'm not sure how to pronounce your boys name sorry

umm.. i really suck at writing pronouciations, but i will try.

Ezekiel = E-zeek-e-all umm.. not sure if thats right (anyone?)

Zion = Zy (as in 'Pie') - on. Zy-on.

I think thats it.

Ok, I get it! I thought it might be something like that cause someone said the nickname Zeke. It is very cute, and I like Zeke!

I have a little boy named Ezekiel Jaymz. So obviously i LOVE the name and he gets Zeke a lot for short which I dont mind cause I love it too! =)

I LOVE Zoe Serenity. Ezekiel Zion isn't my style, but it's cute.
love Zoe and love Ezekiel however not a fan of the middle names

I love the name Ezekiel, love the nickname Zeke! Just curious where you heard the name Zion? Its kinda catchy.

Zoe is a beautiful girls name and I love her middle name too.

Have you done the yell test, yet?! try the names on for size.

All the best for a healthy baby & good labour.
dene75 :0)

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