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hi everyone, my partner and i have thought of the name lilly since i found out i was pregnant.
it kinda stuck, especially now its confirmed we're having a girl.
any ideas for a middle name?
my name is emily, and partner suggested lilly emily, but i think that sounds weird??
thanks everyone!
LOVE Lily (with one L for me though) however I feel that Emily as a middle name doesn't really flow well
yeh one L looks alot better now that u mention it! thanks!
yeh i thought that too about emily as a middle name, im just stuck on wat goes well and i wouldve liked it to have meaning but yeh, i gues it doesnt have to as long as it has a nice first name:)
thanks for the reply:)
i know a lilli ann. which is short and sweet.

maybe lily rose? i think just a one syllable sounds good
Lily Rose would then be two flowers - would that be an issue?
im not much a flower person. lol i just relised they are both flowers.

still sounds alright though.

lily may grin
do you have any special nicknames that would be suitable as a middle name?

at the end of the day though you don't use middle names that often so it wouldn't matter if it wasn't terribly smooth to say kwim? if it's important to you both to carry on your name (which i think is a sweet idea) then go for it smile]
LOL Taleena you funny bug smile]

Lily Rose does sound great though - plus if you're a SATC fan those are the names of Charlotte's girls so that could be your 'meaning' behind it LOL
Lily Kate
Lily Grace
Lily May
Lily Rachael
Lily Jean
Lily Bree
Lily Louise
Lily Dawn
Lily Fay
Lily Paula
Lily Deanna
Lily Jane
Lily Emille (pron "Em-eel")

Lily Emme (pron "m")- I like this combo...

That way it is still a variant on your name but flows better than Lily Emily?

Oh, and definitely one L for Lily!
Even Lily Emma is nice
Lily Amelia
Lily Mia
Lily Jasmine
Lily Pearl
Lily June
Lily Tess
Lily Elle
Lily Ellen
Lily Sarah
Lily Sue
Lily Aimee
Lily Nicole
Lily Erin
Lily Lauren
Lily Michelle
Lily Anna
Lily Beth - love this one!
Lily Jayde
Lily Grace



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