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Hello All,

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and although my husband and I have agreed on his first name... William, we cannot agree on a middle name. How did you come up with your child's middle name? All suggestions and ideas welcome.

I used to like William James, but looking at the local newspaper yesterday I counted 9 baby boys born that week with the middle name James and it has turned me off a bit.

What names do you think go well with William?
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hi there,

i refuse to use family names in my childrens names.
while its a nice idea and all, my children have 13 grandparents and great grandparents still alive, so u can see the dilemma!
with my son, i had two names i really liked so we just put them together and got lucca isaac.
william isaac sounds nice too.
good luck

Kristi 5 kids.

We went for family names too. Our first child is called George Thomas (George for his deceased Great Granddad, Thomas for his Dad). Our second child will be either Sarah Elizabeth (Sarah cos we liked it, Elizabeth for both Grandmothers), or Ian Charles (Ian cos we liked it again, Charles for my husband's Grandfather). We found it easy to choose the middle names from my husbands family as we didn't like the names from my side (Hector really didn't appeal).
If there aren't any names you like for immediate family, look a bit further back.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

We picked out a list of names we both liked, chose one we liked the most & then matched it up with a second name that we liked plus it had to suit the first name. So we came up with James Flynn for our son. Our second (if it's a boy) will probabbly be called Tom Ethan.

I have read that if you have a long first name a short second one generally goes well with it, and vice versa. But I think two long names go better than two short ones also.

Just go through some names you like and say them a few times to see what the whole name sounds like. Although sometimes the more you say a name the more it grows on you too!

And I really like the name William (but Hubby didn't). Good Luck!


Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi Michelle

We named our little boy 'James Peter'. James after my husband's father's name and Peter after my dad's name this way if the second one happens to be a girl the grandfathers are both covered.

I was reluctant at first as they are both "common" names and wasnt sure on the combination but now i love it and it sounds even better with our surname.

William is my husband's name too and his middle name is Jason so William Jason?? I think it has a nice ring to it. What do u think?

My hubby jokes that if we end up with another boy his name will be Peter James..hehe

Good luck in choosing smile

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

hi, we picked the middle names for our son (due in may) by using my fathers name and my husbands fathers name.
so our son will have 2 middle names but we thought it brought abit of family tradition into his name. My husband got his middle name that way and so did my father and brother, so it seemed the right thing to do and it went well with the first name we had chosen - Dylan.


Mum to Dylan

Hello all,

Just wondering what you think of FLETCHER as a middle name?

Does William Fletcher sound okay?

My husband seems fixed on this name... for this week anyway. (Sigh) wink

Looking forward to any other suggestions out there and thanks for all the ideas so far...

Michelle grin

Hi Michelle....

When choosing our daughter's first AND middle names, we both sat down with the baby book... we have a Finnish surname, which is hard enough to pronounce to some unknowing person, so we decided to eliminate anything starting with a C or a K (there are 3 K's in our surname already!) as we thought this ould sound a bit strange! Then we went thru all the names that could be shortened to a horrible nickname and crossed them off the list. We decided to stick to 2-syllable names or short 3 sylabbles, as this also helps the child learn how to say it themselves! And it isn't helpful if a child has a name with heaps of letters when it comes time to be learning how to spell it!

We decided on Emily Skye.

[email protected]_Bay

Hi tusan,

Thanks for your suggestions. I love the name Emily Skye. It is very pretty. I have a tendancy to go for longer names... my poor babies. My daughter is Madeleine Michelle and my son will be William... still not 100% on a middle name. I am sure it will end up being more than four or five letters... oh, well.

Hi Maddychelle,
I like the name William Fletcher they sound nice together, another middle name that i like is Joel. I have a thing for short middle names. I hope this helps and let us know what you decide on.

Mum to Bethany (25-2-03) & Faith (8-11-04)

Hello all,

My husband has decided he now likes... HARRISON for a middle name. He is driving me insane.

William Harrison...?

I think I prefer William Fletcher.

The name Joel is nice, but my husband doesn't like it... sigh.

Oh, well... I will keep you posted and let you know what we decide. Only 15 weeks till we meet our boy!

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