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I was just wondering what everyone thought of the name Faith Hope for a girl (first and middle). my friends have mixed opinions on the name. some say they are not nice together and some love it. please leave your comments as id love to hear them. At the end of the day i dont want to give my child a name that she is going to get teased about.

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It's so hard to pick names as what people tease about now will all be different in 10 years or so. My son is Ezrah and a lot of people said it reminded them of Ezmae (as in a Country Practice.) I didn't really care what others thought and also thought the Esmae reference wouldn't be a prob as it's not even on tv anymore. As for Faith Hope, I think it's lovely and meaningful and if your worried about the two together just think that not many people go around getting called by their first and second name. My name's Tanith and kids tried to tease me about it but I was always a bit chuffed that I was different.
i agree its your opinion who cares what other people think. you are the ones that have to live with it. and thats the best thing about being parents you can call your children anything you chose. my middle name is faith and my goddaughters are called grace faith and chastity hope.

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so long as your last name isnt charity then it shouldnt pose a problem

it will only be a worry to u if u let it.

its a nme that leaves a positive feeling when u hear it........ i love the name faith

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I just wanted to add this for a thought. There are so many wierd and wonderful names out there, that as long as you give your child a name that has special meaning to you, that is really all that matters. As for name calling and teasing, we all get called names. It is part of growing up. The name you give your child is a gift from you. I think Faith is a lovely and inspiring name. Not many people say your full name using your middle name, so as long as it is something that youlike and think compliments the first name, that is what counts. When I think about a middle name for my baby boy on the way, I imagine what his full name would look like presented on a certificate. Does that make sense?

Just wanted to give you more to think about, hope this helps you.

I agree with Michelle. A child will suffer teasing and name calling, no matter what their name is. It is part of growing up and going to school. It is whats makes us tough enough to go through life, but we all get over it. Faith Hope is a beautiful name, and if you and your partner like it, then that's the name you should give you baby. It doesn't really matter what name a child has, as long as that child knows he/she is loved, and if you have put thought into choosing their name, then they know you love them.

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I think the name sounds beautiful. And like somebody already mentioned, generally the child will be referred to by their first & last name. I don't really see any reason why she should get teased about the names, because at the moment people are choosing the more unusual and foreign names for their children.


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i think its lovely very feminine

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I dont know.. I wouldn't put the 2 together... What did you end up doing???
Well obviously she did go with Faith. Two virtue names isn't for me but I had fish called Hope and Ohfaith.
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