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This is my 2nd boy and I'm wanting to name him after my dad in some way. His name is Stephen...

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Need honest opinions What's your thoughts on the name indigo for a girl? Love the nickname...

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Very extravagant selection. Indigo by itself sounds very mysterious. why not something ordinary for a middle name like Jane?! Stay ...

Mrs D!

We have decided on REEF, what does everyone think?? Lock

Hello Fellow Mummies and Mummies to be!! My DH and I have decided on the name REEF, my mother in...

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Its very cool Unusual but easy to say and spell


Is Konnor a unisex name or not? Lock

People have been getting heated about the boys names for girls so I want to settle it.

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Connor for a girl? Lock

At work yday I met a girl named Connor, Connor Elizabeth I think it was and it just completely su...

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My name is actually Konnor, I think that naming your child this is not only progressive but it is accepting and anyone who sees you ...

madison''s  mum...  !

Help, cant agree on a boys name! Lock

Im 29 weeks pregnant with #2 and hubby and i cant agree on a boys name. We found it so easy with ...

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Help, cant agree on a boys name, because i want to adjust some other name. Some of these name maybe mentioned but not to everything ...


Eli- How do you pronounce it? Lock

Just after some opinions on how you would pronouce Eli. I thought it was pretty straightforward, ...

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Ellie has two l’s so El-lee = girl Eli has one l, so Ee-lye = boy


Kelly Lock

I love the project free steam code

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Member595722 wrote: Awesome and I am expecting a baby girl and soon It will be operated I need prayers from all of you please do rem...


Help - Similar sounding names Lock

I like the name Blair but my husband's name is Blake....are these too similar??

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Help need a middle name for Clayton Lock

Hi guys im in such a mess with names this time i have a HUGE family and all my cousins have all t...

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My son's name is Clayton Jae! I think that would go along pretty well with your daughter's name


Girls name to shorten to Lexi Lock

I am after some suggestions on girls names that can be shortened to Lexi. As DH brothers name is ...

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With so many duties as a mom, it is quite hard to fit in cleaning tasks in a day. Just like cleaning your toilet, aside from the fac...

Female version of JASON?????? Lock

Hubby want to call our baby Jason.. Which is fine with me but NOT if shes a girl. I have tried to...

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My husband's name is Jason and I've thought of this as well. I have the equivalent female name to Jason....Jasynda! Or any...


I feel upset that my cousin named her baby after my deceased mum. Lock

I lost my mum to cancer 4 months ago and I’ve wanted to honour her by giving my future child her ...

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Do you like the name Saraya? Lock

I originally loved the name Sarah, but not everyone in my family loved it so I came up with a lis...

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I have a Saraya! Pronounced Sa-ray-uh. Her middle name is Storm. I get alot of comments on how beautiful and unique it is. Shes al...


Help!!! Need a name for our 1 week old???? Lock

Hi, I'm hoping I can get a bit of inspiration for a name for our new daughter???? She'...

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Adele: This name has a particular charm to it. It means “noble”. The word L in Adele makes it a touch stylish. Alexis: The name o...


Baby name scoring algorithm - new website Lock

We have just launched, a website that uses algorithms to see what names you then and...

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Laker, Chase, Flynn - help with boys names please! Lock

Hi I desperately need help with names. Our top three are: 1) Laker 2) Chase 3) Flynn What are you...

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Nice to see this post here and thanks for that. Get the details of best apps here. yipcreations


Changing my baby’s name? please help x Lock

Hi mums and dads. I have a 7 month old named Coco, and I really don’t like her name. I literally ...

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choose a better name. |


Girl name Lock

Bub is due in 8 weeks a little girl. I love Teddie as a name for a girl stuck on middle names My...

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All those names are cute and I like the way if you want their meaning, this website has a search name engine with meaning and...


Annalisa - how would you spell it? Lock

How would you spell the name that is pronounced anna-lee-sa (s like in sun)? Have just heard it b...

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Baby Girl Name Lock

Thoughts on the name Romy for baby girl?

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I like it


Quads makes 9! Lock

Hi there! We are expecting quads in August...and we already have 5 blessings. Gender is unknown....

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How did you go naming them?

Children writing their names.... Lock

I have noticed a few comments of late that mention names being "easy" for children to spell when ...

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Children are not very good at study at the beginning but you can make them with the help of some advice from https://www.aresearchgu...


Easily Find Cute Baby Girl Names! Lock

We would like to announce that we are proud to be part of that organization whose responsibility...

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Isla, Ella or Ava Lock

Hi all, just wondering if we could get some name advice? I don't like asking friends and fam...

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Congratulations, i think Isla Sound better also i found its name very cool as MyGirlyNames Website mentioned it here


I'm looking for baby names Lock

After a few months it looks like I'm finally pregnant! It's too early to get to know it...

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Congratulation for that is a list for baby girl names


Baby Boy Name Lock

Hi everyone, hubby & I pretty much decided on the name for our little boy, due in November, e...

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what do you think of the name kaos? Lock

My partner and I are expecting a boy..just wondering what anyone thinks of the name Kaos for a bo...

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i know this is old and all the people dislike it but the only people ever teased in school about their names that i know of or seen ...


Sebastian or Jasper Lock

Hi, I’m due in a week and my husband and I still can’t decide on our baby boy’s name. We are toss...

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Can only think of one name? Lock

I'm 30 weeks, expecting a boy, and can still only come up with one name that my husband like...

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defferent spellings of Lincoln?? Lock

do u reckon i could spell it Llincoln? or wont it work?lol do u hav ne suggestions of diff ways i...

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Lloyd has two ll's because it's a Welsh name derived from the adjective llwyd meaning grey. Is Welsh "ll" is a s...


HELP! Baby girl name Piper or Coco Lock

Can’t decided between these two names! We named our four week old Coco (not short for anything), ...

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She does, it’s Coco Theodora. I hate to say it but her name just doesn’t sit right with me still I feel like people judge me when I...


Help! Struggling to narrow down our last 4 baby girl names :) Lock

Hello Huggies crew! We are looking for some opinions on our top 4 name choices for our baby girl...

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Penelope is super cute!