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Automatic Swing Lock Rss

I am thinking about purchasing an automatic swing for my daughter & was wondering whether anyone has one and reccommends it?
what ages would it suit?
I have rented one for $55 for 3 months in QLD. I thought this was a better option when there cost around the $200 mark. Plus the other bonus is you don't have to store the dame thing.

My daughter loves her swing we have a mothers choice. We have used one set of cheap battries in it also for the 2 1/2 months we have had it (I thought it would chew through battries, but I was wrong)

We take the swing outside when we are working, Bub will be content for several hours.

If you live in Brisbane, I will advise were I hired the swing from.

Lee,QLD,18/12/02 baby girl 26/09/05 baby boy

Thanks for your comments. I live in Melbourne, but I think they have similar hire programs here - that seems like a more reasonable idea.
Do you plan to have any more children?

We bought ours on ebay for $98.00 for our new baby. We plan to have another baby in a few years time.

Yes we will have to store it between babies but we then plan to sell it again on ebay.

Have a look on ebay, you can buy one cheaper than in the stores. Look after it and you may even get more than what you originally paid for it back when you sell it!

Angela, Sydney, Lucy born 06/09/03

Lee, could you let me know where you hired it from? I've been looking for a baby hire store for ages! (and brisbane is close enough!)

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

Lee - I live in Brisbane and was just about to buy a swing for my collicy baby for over $200.
I would much rather hire one for a few months - can you please give me the details smile
Cheers - it will be a lifesaver smile
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