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Most indispensible baby accessories & Equipment Lock Rss

What are the most most indispensible baby accessories & equipment are you thankful for?

Zita, QLD, Mum of Patrick

Hi just a quick intro. My name is Jodi and I am the proud mum of Joshua 1 and the lucky wife of Luke.

Up until our son was about 8 months I loved our Baby Bojn carrier, he has now grown out of it and I miss being able to carry him in it.

I also love our baby seat for the bath and have been using that since he could sit up on his own. We find it helps stop any accidental slips.

The mobile over his change table was great as it distracted him whilst we changed his nappy. He now gets changed on the floor or our bed as he tends to try and through himself off the change table.

Another peice of equipement that I found great was the monitor. We don't use it now as we are confident that we will hear Joshua.

Happy Parenting and Keep Smiling, Piglet

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Dear Piglet
i would have to totally agree with every thing you have said but we also have brought a steelcraft high chair with adjustable highs and lay back position it great to move them about as well! i would have to say the most important equipment in my household would have to be the DUMMY !

any equipment that either gives you peace of mind are a few seconds extra are great inventions for our babies

Tracy, NSW,12mth & expecting

I have found that the most indispensable equipment has been the change table - saves your back, I LOVE Avent bottle and teats - they are the best to go from breast to bottle feeding, I use Tommee Tippee dummies, An activity mat is essential for bubba's to play on and be occupied wih when they spend more time awake during day and also a mobile above the cot!
I LOVE my babies baby rocker and he also loves it, I can carry it everywhere and it travels well. I also have a battery operated baby swing a friend sold to me for $50 and it is still worth well over $200 and both her children and my son love the swing and with the motion puts them to sleep without them even knowing it. I love the baby monitor and the special baby cushions I made for both my children and I love my microwave bottle sterliser. I find my son loves to be carried in a baby pouch and I love my change table that my husband and I brought in raw pine and stained same with our sons cot but what I love the most and is the best is our camera which is used a lot with two gorgeous looking children whom my husband and I can't get enough of. OH and I have a baby bath stand with a terry toweling sling that holds the baby in a good position and gives you both hands free to wash and keeps him really safe and I made another cushion for the bathroom floor so i lay the towel down and wrap him up and he is really comfy. The cushions are a single thin comforter folded 3 times and really cute material in my childrens bedroom themes. Both my children love their cushions and they travel well and my 2 yr old still loves hers when she's lying around the lougeroom.
There are a few equipments that I'm extremely greatful for. Change table (really is kindto your back), Portable cot (bring it anywhere and bub can sleep/play in it safely), Baby monitor (convinient way to hear bub), Pram (wonder what I would do without them!). Whoever invented them, KUDOS to you. For making our lives easier.

Zita, QLD, Mum of Patrick

My best is the microwave steriliser. It takes minutes. definately the DUMMY, the porta cot in the car, the monitor definately, the jolly jumper is great (wears them out), the activity frames that stand over baby, the great activity centres and toys that hang off cots, prams etc. My son has these links that I attach to pram or his frame and then attach to a toy, stops them getting dropped and I can change the toys every week to give him variety.
I have a new most indispensible item a portable highchair. I had to buy one recently as we are spending 3 months away from home and I am sick of using the pram and having to clean the food out off it. Our son loves it as well and has even started to feed himself (14months old). He also loves to sit at he table like a big boy and is eating more. The one that we purchased is by Safety first and attaches to the chair with a strap around the back and underneath it comes with a lap strap and a detachable tray. I wish we had of bought this instead of a conventional highchair but it doesn't matter.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Defiently the bath chair, someone gave it to me as a present and at 14 months old we are still using it. It changed bathtime from being a chore to a fun time for both of us.
I love my portacot and the padded fitted sheets I have which give extra padding without having the f oam mattress (which is not recommmend due to SIDS). I also loved my baby bjorn and I then used the hippychick hipseat when my girl grew out of the baby bjorn - it saved my back. I also agree with the dummy!! Also baby einstein/baby mozart videos - 30 mintues of peace with feeling guilty!!
I'd have to agree with the winge plug (AKA dummy) This thing has enabled a many nights peace.

Cathy, m of 3 boys, trying for #4.

I have to say my favourite thing at the moment, has to be the Fisher Price Aquariaum - it has a million different settings so you can have lights, music, moving fish etc. But the thing I use it for most is putting my daughter to sleep, it has a musical setting which is timed for 10 mins, so we use the first piece of music on it (it also has babbling brooks, oceans sounds, etc) and I find that as soon as I turn it on, my daughter knows it's bedtime and starts to get into her comfy position in her bassinet.

Kirria & Little Miss Hannah

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