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Hi all
I was hoping that someone could help me find a baby swing that is not too expensive. I have also heard that you can hire them - I live in Brisbane, does anyone know where???
Thanks for your help this will be a lifesaver :}
hi laurie..

have you tried a toy library.. i know the swing may not be classed as "toys", but it would be worth a shot..
i live in brissy also

good luck

Mel, Briz, 3 children

Thanks Melissa
I am not sure what you mean by toy library - can you hire out toys from these places and where are theylocated? Where do you live in Brissie?
Hi Laurie,

I bought a baby swing when ToysRUs had it on sale a few weeks ago. It's wonderful for those times when I just need a break - after the 5 am feed when I've been up every 3 hours! - or need to get dinner on. It's a Fisher-Price portable swing, and cost me about $160 on sale. I would suggest that you look out for them on sale. Also, can look in the weekend shopper, there may be some used ones for sale there.
Good luck.

Michelle, mum to James born 15/9/03

I know this is an old message, but for anyone reading now, I found eBay to be the best place to buy baby things. I bought my baby swing there and it was hardly used and in great condition. I have also bought many other baby things there as well.

Belinda,NSW,mum of 3

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