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Hi All.

I am packing my hospital bags at the moment and don't know what clothes are going to be suitable for the new baby due at the beginning of March. Do I go with towelling growsuits or cotton growsuits with short arms and legs??

Any help would be appreciated.

i would pack growsuits with long arms and legs, 100% cotton, the little babes are used to being all warm and snugley... Olivia was born 29 march 04 and she lived in them
Both mine were March/April.I packed bonds suits and cotton bunnyrugs.I even threw in a few cardigans, for my April bubs.It is still a little warm in March but the nights can be cool, so maybe the cardies might come in handy!Good luck with your impending arrival, hope it all goes well for you!!!

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I have just had my third daughter and packed incorrectly for her pending birth and had to send my partner on a search through the drawers.

She was born 4th January and we live on the Gold Coast where obviously it is quite warm. I presumed she would be in a short sleeve bond suit but the air conditioning in the hospital was quite cold and she ended up being in long sleeve outfits with bunny rug and blanket at night.

I would definitely recommend the long sleeves by March... Good luck with your new arrival and the rest of your pregnancy.

Jodie..... Mum to five gorgeous girls

definately grow suits - don't forget the singlets for them - hospitals are cold. I'd through in some baby socks and short arm and legs suits in case something happens and bub gets hot (eg air conditioning packs it in) Bunny rugs are great as well.


i would use the grow suits and bunny rug

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