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Baby breathing monitor for twins in same cot Lock Rss

Hi All
Wondering if anyone has used a baby breathing monitor for twins. I have two 6 week old twins who love sleeping on their tummies, and I can't leave them overnight without a monitor. One has reflux and hopefully tummy sleeping will help. Do any of you know if the monitors will function properly with twins, or do I need a monitor each? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

Ange, mum of twins born early August 04

hi ange,

i just read your post - as its been a while i don't know if you found out from someone else. I am due to have twins in Feb and was told that i will have to put my bubs in their separate cots to enable their monitors to work correctly..

If you find out differently from anyone else please let me know as i would love to have mine sleep in the same cot, but i am just scared that the monitors won't be effective -so then i wouldn't be able to sleep properly either!


Rachel, ACT, Twin boys due Feb 05

i found with the moniter that i have u can here up to i dont know about 8 metres m not sure what brand ill go check its a tomy miniwalkabout i found it really good as i can here any thing in the house to the dog barking next door

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

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