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Best Electronic Breast Pump Lock Rss

Dear All,

My wife is suffering from Mastitis and was wondering if anyone out there could recommend an Electric Breast pump.

I've purchased her a Avent ISIS pump which works exceptionally well, but is manual.

I've been doing my research and many people seem to recommend the Medela Mini. Has any one used this item or the Avent ISIS UNO that could give feedback (both good and bad)?



Jeff, NSW, 1 & 1 on the way

hi jeff, im a mm of 5 the oldest being 9 and the youngest 6 months the best pump would be to hire the medela one from the chemist or the nursing mothers association ( you will unfortunately also have to but the kit to go with it ) i have hired the lage electric one for all of my babies except the last one. other than that keep using the avent one you have ( i have one and they are fantastic ) i also bought a nuk mini electric one just before no 5 was born, but i found it to b quite useless compared to the isis with this i can even express some milk after finishing a feed. if by chance you are neer craigieburn i could give you the kit you need to use with the medela electric pump if thats what you decide. fell free to email me for any more info or chat [email protected]
Oh my god Jeff! You must tell your wife immediately..I too have had the dreaded fear of mastitis with lumps the size of camel backs, which I never thought I would ever get rid of! I have been expressing with the Medela electric pump (hired from KEMH) and I have been using it for nearly 5 weeks with no great improvement. I have been back and forth to KEMH breast assessment clinic and the lumps had not yet shifted..UNTIL NOW! I came home after using there advice of continuous expressing and icepacks and I thought to myself, I wonder if other than using my hand to massage the lumps, my electric toothbrush handle would be of better use AND I HAVE TO TELL YOU, the lumps immediately shifted and I am on anti-imflammitory's Nurofen every four hours but have reduced expressing times to only twice daily and don't always have to use ice packs either. The lumps still appear when the breasts are very full but are nearly a part of the past.......please tell her because it is the worse thing and can be very mentally frustrating also. HOPE THIS HELPS

liz,jack & billy

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