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Highchairs & Bouncers Lock Rss

I will soon be needing a highchair and bouncer for my new bub and was hoping you could all give me a few recommendations/feedback on what's currently on the market to help point me in the right direction.


Hi Tracey..

How old is ur bubs??

I haven't got a high chair yet as she doesn't need one until she is sitting up and eating solids.

As for a bouncer.. There are plenty of bouncers/rockers/chairs on the market for kids. I was given a chair for my daughter. It has a rocking motion like a mini rocking chair (can be made stationary with the legs) and can be adjusted from a lying down position for babies to a sitting up position for toddlers. It has a canopy shade so u can take it outside whilst hanging out washing etc. as well as a bar with toys strung across it that can be detached. It also has a setting through a switch for a gently vibrating action on their backs. The Brand is Childcare. I dont know where it came from but i have found it good and very handy.

I never bought a bouncer as such as i didn't want bubs being bounced around after being fed (or any other time) hopefully to avoid the chuckin up. This proved to be a good decision as my daughter hates being jiggled in any which way and in my opinion, rocking is much smoother and more relaxing than being jiggled in a bouncer.

Each to their own. I am sure there will be plenty disagreeing with me!

Hope you are well. Take care. Hope this helps a bit.

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

As for high chairs- even though you wont be needing one for months- I dont regret spening money on mine. It has wheels and a bit between their legs to stop them from wiggling forward. To recline is an advantage too, and height adjustment.
I have friends who bought simple ones and dont regret it either.

I love my bouncer, it is one that they sit in, not curved like a capsule. Like a baby bjorn bouncer, but I didnt spend that sort of money (I bought both from Ebay).

I am now about to have our 3rd bub and still am happy to use these.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

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