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hi everyone i am 31 weeks preg with my 1st baby and starting to put together babies wardrobe. i was wondering if anyone out there could give me advice on how much stuf to buy in the really small sizes eg 0000. or is it best just to buy 000 and let bubs grow into them?? it is so overwhelming trying to pick everything out!! any advice would be great! thanks! smile
Hi Littlebubbles
I would say buy only a couple of outfits in the really small sizes, just in case. When my son was born he was four kilos, and we only had one size 0000 outfit (that had been passed down to us). He wore it a couple of times, but we managed to get away with size 000's pretty much most of the time. Whereas, a friend of mine had a premmie baby who was little over 2 kilos and would have been in the smaller size much longer. So, I guess best bets are, buy one or two outfits in size 0000 at most beforehand, as once they are born and you know their weight/size, you can go on a shopping spree (or however much a spree your budget will allow - hehe), knowing that you are getting the right size. At least if you buy size 000's and the baby is on the smaller size you can get away with it better than a size 0000 on a bigger baby!
Hope this helps.

James' Mum

Everyone told me to buy 000 as they will grow out of the smaller sizes....but I ended up having premmies & being twins they were tiny. They were in 00000 for months! And even then, they were a bit big. So we had to rush out and buy a few outfits. I suggest getting enough of the smaller sizes to start you off (maybe a couple of changes) and then once baby is here, you can then buy the appropriate sizes.

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

Like the other mums I would recommend getting at least two 0000 items. I found that nighties that do up at the front where wonderful in hospital as it made changing a nappy (esp. for a first time mum) a lot easier.

thanks guys it really helps to hear advice from other mums as i am the first one out of my friends to have a baby!
hello, my baby was born 7lbs 3oz (which is an average size). She really needed some 0000 clothes from birth but we only had one outfit. She is now 5 1/2 weeks and is mostly in 000 but could still fit into 0000 singlets and some jumpsuits. And its true, the sizes are never the same. Some of the 000 clothes are too long in the arms etc.

Also, I hardly got any clothes as presents even though I was told I would. Which meant I didn't buy much beforehand just in case. But I ended up just going to Target and Big W and buying a few Bonds Wondersuits.

Note: All in one jumpsuit things are the best (such as the Wondersuits) - some with feet, some without - as you want to avoid tops and pants which you'll be constantly adjusting.

But don't think that you won't have any time or the inclination to go out shopping once bubs has arrived. I love it now and it's great getting out of the house.

Good luck, and have fun!!!

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

my bub was 9lb5oz (4.2kg) and 55cm at birth and was in 0000 sized clothes for a good month or so. she's now 9 wks and still fits into 000 clothes and is 61cm 5.5kg. i personally don't like putting my DD in clothes that are too big for her cos i'm a bit paranoid that she'll slip into them and smother herself.

if ur gonna buy 0000 clothes, don't spend too much money on them cos they probably wouldn't last more than a month on a big baby.

also, if you buy any top/pant sets, buy socks for ur bub or he/she'll have cold little feet. i personally like the bonds tshirt socks cos they stay on. the bonds wonder socks (fluffy on one side and fold down) tend to fall off.

best tip i can give is ask your parents and ur hubbies parents how heavy you each were at birth cos chances are your first bub will be around the same weight or heavier if he/she's healthy and goes to term. (i was about 6lb, my other half was nearly 9lb)

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

It is safe to have a few 0000 of clothes and singlets ,as My Daughter was born 3 weeks early and I only had 000 and needed small sizes,she is still in them after 5 weeks now.I found Kmart & Best & Less the best place for these items.And it depends on how small your baby will be when they are born,my daughter was 6p 5o 46 cms.Also buy a few then keep the docket if you don't need them change them for bigger sizes later.

jen NSW,Jess April 06

You have to be careful wiht gro-suits as it can cramp their tiny toes like shoes that are too small.

I always put my kids in a size larger gro-suit than what they were wearing at the time.

My kids were the average 7-7.5lb and they were in 0000 gro-suits for only a few weeks- but clothes they were in for at least8 weeks, but 000 were not bad.

Its hard to tell as different kids grow at different rates.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

Everyone told me not to buy 0000 but my son was born 3080 grams and was in 0000 for about three weeks. Saying that, my husband simply went and bought the right size while I was in hospital.

The one thing I found with sizes is that the Bond's brand is about 1/2 size smaller than other brands (eg Target). So if you have Bonds size 000 it is more like a Target 0000.

My baby is now 2mths old and is only wearing size 0000 bodysuits as thats all that fits him. Everyone told me not to buy too many 0000 clothes but i couldn't help it, everything was soooo cute. He hasn't worn 1 of his little outfits. So i guess it all depends on how big and long your bub is.
Mine was 7lb 13 and 51cm.
Can't wait for him to be in his little jeans and pants but my partner just thinks its extra washing...

Sharnee, Gold Coast

I would say what the others have said to you.... Just buy a few really small things.
I know i went crazy at the shops getting all the really gorgeous clothes when in fact, i really only used prob a quarter of them Now, i have a box full of clothes that never got worn.
I'd say, just get a few necessities(spelling?) and go for a few a bittle bigger. They just grow too fast. and, your bub might be a little bigger than your expecting....
If you do go nuts on shopping.... just a suggestion.... keep the tags on. That way, you can always eturn them for a larger size if need be.
Good luck with your bub....


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