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Hi All

Help - I need pram advice!! I currently have an Emmajlunga Minior Classic pram which is great for me and my five month old baby. However, due to a change in family circumstances I want to sell this and buy a new pram that can be used for a toddler and newborn. Any suggestions and feedback on different prams available would be greatly appreciated.


Sam, VIC

Hello Sam

does your pram come with the bassinet? as I know witht he emmalunga's you can get a seat bit that attachs to the bassinet!

otherwise some of them sell the stands with the toddlers to stand on if you wanted to use that option!

best of luck with it all!


melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Thanks for the feedback Melissa. No my pram doesnt have the bassinet feature and as the Emmajlunga's are really heavy and awkward Ive decided that a completely new pram might be the way to go.

Ive seen some great three wheeler prams that are a decent size but Im not sure if there are any that would suit two kids under two?

Thanks again


Sam, VIC

i hve a baby co lite limo it great 4 a newborn and toddler and it esay to push and fit in boot of car and easy to and fold up/ down i liked the graco stadium duo but 4 the differnce in price not wirth it good luck

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I am in a similar situation, and after some research decided on the Pedigree Sport with toddler seat and conversion kit. It turned out to be the cheapest option. They are made in NZ, but may have a different name in Aussie. I haven't tried it with the toddler seat yet (baby due in June), but find it really easy to use without, and my son seems to like it too.
The other options I came across included the Pedigree Triton Trekker, one of the Bertini prams has a toddler seat option, and I think Phil & Ted and Mountain Buggy may as well. All of these are somewhat dearer though.

Best of luck!

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04


I have a Valco Pram (3 wheeler) which is absolutely fantastic. We get so many comments on how good it looks. We also bought the bassinet which is an extra. Once our son is big enough we can then turn the pram into the 3 wheeler. With the Valco Prams you can buy a seat to go on the front of the pram and when they are even bigger buy the standing platform that goes on the back of the pram so the toddler can hang onto the back.

Lee,VIC, 2mth baby

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