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Twin Prams - any recommendations? Lock Rss

Hi to all you Mums & Dads out there. I am 3 months off having baby no. 2. Our first child - Suzie will be 18 months old so I am looking at purchasing a twin pram as I like to get out and walk everyday (if weather and circumstances permit that is). I live in a rural area of Tassie so need a fairly robust one for the dirt roads, would prefer the babies to sit side by side so they can both enjoy a view. Any recommendations??

Sonya, Tassie

Hi my name is mishelle i am also having the same problem i have a 13 month old and one on its way in 3 weeks no one seems to have any ideas,
but i have been told if you dont mind second hand ring around to the salvation army or second hand stors sorry i cant be more helpfull as soon as i find out more i will let you know.
Hi Mishelle. Thanks for your response, I don't mind second hand and I have been scouring the local papers and second hand shops and Trading Post but haven't found a suitable one yet (either too heavy & cumbersome or one seated behind the other). I think I may have to bite the bullet and purchase a new 3 wheeler one made by Babylove. I've still got 8 weeks to go so I'll keep the search up. Good luck to you for a swift uncomplicated birth in 3 weeks and thanks once again.

Sonya, Tassie

I Have a 2 year old and a 12 week old and recently bought an Aussie Baby Twin 3 wheeler and love it. It cost $250 (plus $50 delivery if you live outside a certain area) which was much cheaper than any others I looked into. It also has a bootcover which is great and has 1 hand fold. Its good on grass and dirt roads too. This is the link... Check it out
good luck with both your births!
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