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Amazing Dads Lock Rss

I have a 9 week old and his Dad is just amazing. I had our son by c-section and for the first few days when I couldnt do anything Daddy did EVERYTHING! He did the first dirty nappy! he changed our son regularly, fed our son, burped him, everything... I just couldnt believe I had such a wonderful husband and Dad. Even now 2 months later he still helps out more than I could have ever imagined. If I need a break or just dont feel up to doing something he is helping out. Even in the middle of the night, when we are both half asleep he wakes up and helps with tending to our son.
This is his first child but it is My second... My first son I had by myself and I dreaded having to go thru it all again when I found out I was pregnant. But I have no regrets, Our son is wonderful and My husband is just the most Amazing Dad.

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I too have an great husband who is an amazing dad! We have 2 children now, a daughter 20 months and a tiny newborn son just 22 days old. My husband will do everything from nappy changes to bathing to feeding, washing the clothes, cooking the dinner etc... I truly am one of the lucky ones! It warms my heart to see daddy just doing everyday things with our children... they are only little for such a short time!

Way to go to all the amazing dad's out there!

I am another mum who has a fantastic husband who is also a great father!

He doesn't help out around the house as much as the husbands in the other posts but he works really hard all the time to support us financially. He is always available when I need to talk about anything on my mind and he makes sure our daughter and I are never without anything we need.

When I really need a hand around the house he is there if I ask which is more than enough for me especially considering what he does outside the home.

He loves spending time with our daughter and when he gets home from work she squeals with excitement and madly crawls to him as he gets in the door in anticipation of her big daddy bear hug.

It is so wonderful to have supportive husbands/partners who are also great dads!


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i have a great husband who does so much for our 3 sons i had csections & bottle fed them so he is a real hands on dad to this day the oldest is 4 the oungest is almost 2 he still bathsthem everynite . i could not do ot wihout his help. in 2003 i was extremely sick in hospital 4 3 moths . with his prents help he looked our boys so well i did not have to worry aboth them just concentrate getting better so i could go home to my family

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Hello, isn't it about time that dads help out, my partner is so helpfull aswell, i have a 3 and a half month old girl and i am a stay at home mum and it is a god sent to have such a helping/caring partner.
I never thouht i would find one.

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My baby hasn't arrived yet, but I was just browsing through the posts in this section to see what to expect. I have a great, supportive, loving partner who was more accepting of our unplanned pregnancy than I was at first, but the closer we get to the baby's arrival, the less interested he seems. Our friends have a two month old, and he is not even interested in holding or touching her. He gets bored in Parent Education classes and doesn't want to discuss names, except to shoot down all my ideas. I'm worried that I will be left "holding the baby" when it arrives, as he wont be interested. He is currently working 6 days a week to support us, so I'm thinking maybe he is too worried about the financial side of becoming a father to worry about anything else.

What do you guys think?

Hi 'MirandaPatrice'

Only time will tell. My husband hated Parent Education, but only because he doesn't like having to sit in a room with other people. He's rather private with things like that.

Baby names were the same with us too! I would get so mad when it felt like he wasn't interested in the pregnancy. When I'd say 'watch my belly' he'd look for 10 seconds and then stare back into the telly again. He'd be so impatient when bubs wouldn't kick so I would have to nag him to put his hand on my belly.

Cut a long story short you will only know when bubs arrives. Men are stange creatures, in our case he didn't want to get excited until she was here safe and sound. I'm pleased to say that he is hands on with her and loves her to death. He helps out with everything (except night feeds grrrrr) but he does such long hours that I don't expect him too.
Hi MirandaPatrice,

My husband was exactly the same when I was pregnant. At first it was all exciting but as the pregnancy progressed he seemed less interested. Now our daughter is 3 weeks old he is amazing. Only time will tell but with my husband i think it had a lot to do with the fact that your feeling everything inside and to them it's not real until the baby finally arrives. Good luck with everything..

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I think that my husband is pretty great with our son Brodie. Stew does all the night time (and a lot of teh day time) nappy changes-when my mothers not around....He is always trying to let me rest more because i am recovering from a c-section.

I started expressing milk because he showed an interest in feeding our son while i was only breastfeeding, and it has turned out to be a great thing. He feeds Brodie at least once a day and its a great bonding experience for both!

I think any dad that is able to ditch the stereotypical thoughts of feeding and nappy changing being a "female job" deserves some credit!

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I have any amazing hubby too. He gets up and does the early feeds so i can sleep. He even helps me with the dishes. Doesn't help around the house much but he's awesome with our son. lol

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Hi There MirandaPatrice, I'd say it must just be a man thing, my husband too was exactly the same, but is now terrific (just needs a swift kick every now and then, ha ha).

I guess it is probably not as interesting to them because they can't feel it like we can and it's generally a natural instinct for us to plan ahead when it comes to names etc.

As far as the parent Education classes go, when my husband and I went there were actually a few dad's that fell asleep (just for the record, we had a good teacher, she wasn't boring by any means), so if your partner is still awake maybe that's more of a plus than first thought.

Basically try not to worry too much, hopefully everything will be fine for you
Good Luck

woohoo we did it!

My partner was the same aswell. We have been together for 5 years and by the time bubba was lamost due, he was not tha tinterested. It had been 9 mnths and he gets bored quickly with things. He didnt go to classes as hes not keen on other people and the name thing...well he just spat out names like spike and dudly not being serious. I said to him you better lok 4 a name seriously and make me hppy with it casue either way i fill and sign the birth certificate. hehe he did to but i told him that it all comes down to the mother.
He still rubbed my feet while we watched tv but as with other things..he wasnt to keen on helping and i didnt mid as he works to earn the money and i dont.
Now though is a diff ball game. as soon as bayden was born (via emerg. c-sec) he stayed with him the whole time. didnt even bother to see me hehe
he helps out changes nappys, feeds, dresses, everything. bayden is 6 weeks and hes still helping out.
I even get time to myself every day when pete gets up befoer work. Ill say here and go out for a walk or a drive or to the shops for an hour.
you will know when your babe is orn how partner will be./
he will either be awed by it or not keen at all.

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