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Hey all,

Since i gave birth 4 weeks ago i have had NO appetite. As in i can go a whole day without eating and not even realise it.

I am concerned as i am breastfeeding and it worries me that i am not producing goodness for my baby.
I dont drink water-our water is really bad where i live, so i drink juice and milk. I have a bowl of cereal for breakfast and then maybe an apple for lunch. I always trya nd have a healthy tea of meat and at least 4-5 vegies. I am taking a breastfeeding multi-vitamin but am still worried-should i be?

i wish i could drink more water but it takes so foul and i dont actually like water in general-i know this is bad!

Does anyone else have a similar problem? or any advice-does my diet sound very poor? oh i also eat too much chocolate too.


Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

Hi Kathryn
How are you? I too had this problem when my son was born. I could not eat a thing. I got to the end of the day having done everything for my son and realising i hadnt eaten. I mentioned this to my doctor at my 6 week check up (I wasnt too concerned as was bottle feeding and apart from that felt fine) , and it was actually put down as a symptom of post natal depression. I did not realise I had this as I adored my baby, he was good, slept etc. Im not saying this is what youve got of course, just mentioning it happened to me. My appetite slowly came back with no medication or anything. With the birth of my daughter almost 2 years later was fine.
If you have checked with health professionals that you are going ok and that bubs is doing well off your breast milk I wouldnt worry about it, but would definantly mention it
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