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Hi my name is Shannon. I am 22 and have a 5 month old daughter. Her name is Shaylee. She is my first child and after all her troubles I am not sure if i could handle another one. I know her troubles arent as bad as some peoples out there but they are enough for me to deal with.

When Shaylee was born she had trush in her mouth so she wouldn't drink. The day after she was born she got put in special care with Juandice. she stayed there for four days. then we went home and she developed Reflux. Three weeks later another trip to hospital with Meningitis. Home again a week later. Then Colic started, then an Ear Infection, then a Chest Infection. then she would still scream for up to nine hours a day. so we toke her back to the doctor. He siad she might be Lactose intolerent. now she seems to be getting better. she not screaming all day.

I would like to hear from anyone else who has had th same problems. I would also like some advice on how to deal with it all. Because it is taking its toll on me.
So hope to hear from someone soon
hi shannon
sorry to hear all the problems you've had.
if you take your bub to a child health centre?
if so,they can put you in touch with someone to help you.
or else in the yellow pages or your local directory book.
there are people that can help you,don't delay it shannon.
good luck girl and hope your little girl settles down.
you've copped alot and you need some time out.



mary.NSW 11 month baby

hi how are you mary do you have a Email Address that i can write to you at all i need to have a Email pals to talk about been a EMAIL is [email protected] and time//.

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Shannon, My name is Narelle and I am 28yo married with two girls. My youngest is 7 months ols and I can relate to the problems you are having. Jessica just got over having thrush in her mouth because of the antibiotics she was on for her broncitis. She gets that alot because when she was born she went into respitory distress and got an infection in her lungs from swallowing fluid on her way out! she was in special care for 4 days in a incubator with drips in her arms then she was moved to the childrens ward for another 3 days so I could be with her. I know its hard and its a strain on you because you feel helpless but trust me things will get better when she gets older. If you want to email me my address is [email protected]
I look forward to heareing from you.
regards Narelle.

Narelle, VIC, Mum to Monica & Jessica,EDD 24th May

Hi Shannon,

I can't relate directly with your ordeal but I just wanted to say that I hope you have good family support. Just having healthy children can be really hard to cope with and I rely on my family immensely. I have just moved to the Kimberly with my hubby, 3 y old and 7 wk old. I still jump on the phone and MSN to my Mum in Perth and ask her advice.
Keep on going the way you are and you and Shaylee will get through it. Good Luck Shannon.

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

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