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I've been breastfeeding my baby girl, Keely now for 12 weeks, and all of a sudden this past week I have a crack in my nipple. Its actually just at the base of the actual nipple, it bleeds and it absolutely kills when she attaches. She has begun to pull a bit at the nipple, as she is looking around now! Has anyone got any miracle creams? I'm using lansinoh this past week, it has healed a lot, but the crack is still there and unfortunately so is the pain. I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks

Fiona, VIC, 5yr, 3yr old and new baby

My daughter is now 3 months and is bottle fed. My nipple got so badly damaged that my doctor reccomended I stop breastfeeding from it. At the time I keot breastfeeding from the other one but has to express from the damaged nipple until it got completely better. If you don't let it heal completely it will always hurt and. I was in tears every feeding time, don;t let it get that bad.

Avent have a manual expression pump but if you have the service available to you, which I didn't hire an electric one from the health centre, council or hospital, your forearm muscles will love you.

Baby: Jessika

None of the health nurses like you using them, but my nipples were badly cracked, so I used some nipple protectors....I used the avent brand. They look a bit weird, and I'm told you shouldn't use them too much because it might confuse the baby, but it really helped me to have a bit of plastic between my nipple and the baby's sucking. I also used lasinoh and found that it worked well. I also found using the 'football' position helped with the pain of cracked nipples....and somehow we got through and my nipples toughened up, and by 12 weeks, probably sooner, I realised that I was not having any trouble feeding anymore. (Then I fell pregnant again, and my milk supply dropped, so I stopped breastfeeding.....but that's another story!!)
I have been using the nipple protectors and i think they work a treat. Don't really have any problems with bubs latching on but had a cracked nipply due to expression pump. I decided to use the protectors late one night and found they worked a treat and bubs found them really easy to get hold off.

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Dear fiona, i had the same prob, used the lano 2nd but first off used inoxxa i picked it up from priceline. it was grat as the tip of it is rounded so when run round the nipple you dont get a shock with the pain it was great. i think its wonderful to breastfeed. but unfortunatly i only lasted 3w. but to be honest i feel blessed that libs on formula now as nips are great, no pain or stinging and i have more time to do things and libbys put on good weight as that was another problem she wasnt getting enough as i was taken her off early with the pain. you might want to try a brast pump to ease the pain but be warn once off the breast they dont go back on hoping this helps. :.)
I also had badly cracked nipples . I ended up using nipple sheilds for a little while , you get them from the chemist , they did the world of good and my nipples cleared up completely. I would swear by them There about 12.95 to buy.
Dear fiona,

are your nipples red and dry and itchy also, if so this could mean that you have candida albicans(commonly known as thrush of the nipples)
as i am suffering from it now, this is my second child and i never had any problems feeding my first child. but i have to say i have nearly given up breast feeding this time because of the pain.....
i have found daktarin has helped you also give this to the baby about 4 times aday in his mouth to get ride of the thrush and apply to the nipples and you can leave this on when you feed... i am also using a avent breast shield when the pain is just to much. yesturday i started to use a cream only for the nipples not the baby called hydrozole and you must wash off before each feed and i have notice the difference already...

boy 17/2/05 & girl 31/5/02

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