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Vaccination? Lock Rss

Just wondering what everyone's position is on vaccinating your baby?

I am doing a lot of reading on the subject at the moment, and at present it all looks horrific!!!

They say vacinnations may be the main culprit for SIDS - What do you guys think?

Luv Laura xxx (Sydney, 1st pregnancy)

Yes, this is such a difficult topic. I did a lot of reading too. The main thing that scared me was it causing autism or severe behavioural problems.
It is so scary for us mums, since what go through to bring them into the world and what we do to keep them safe.
The schools say that they must be vaccinated to attend. Really takes away our choice then doesn't it?
It seems every year they change the schedule and there is more needles for them to have. Where will it all stop?
I do know that if no one took these vaccinations then we would have epidemics of disease.
Both my boys have been vaccinated. But I don't feel like I had a choice.

mum of 3


I have a 4yr old and a 7week old and I have had them both vaccinated. I do understand and appreciate that there are some real risks involved with vaccinating our children but I think that there is a bigger danger in not doing it. Most of the illnesses that the vaccinations are for can be fatal in small children. My view (and it is only my view) is that what could happen proberly wont happen, but be sure to have all the information before you make a decision. I am a parent that gathers all the information avaliable before making a decision. I can truly understand you concern, as a parent you want what is best for your children but it is hard when there are as many good points as there are bad points. Just remember just because you have not vaccinated a child MUST go to school so they can not refuse you entry.

Good luck with your decision

Michelle - Mum to Bridgett (4yrs) & William (7Wks)

Hi Laura,

The vaccination topic is one of huge conjecture, and is also one of personal choice. I am a first time mum and have a 3mth old girl who will be vaccinated. For me this was not a really hard decision as prior to becoming a mum I worked for a pathology company as a scientist and so during my studies and training have learnt an awful lot about these childhood diseases and their long term effects if a severe case is contracted and for me the rare side effects caused by vaccination were nowhere near as bad as the side effects of a disease. As for SIDS being associated with Vaccination I am certain there are many other links to SIDS ie smoking, the way the child sleeps, child hood apnoea, whether it is breast or bottle feed etc its just one of those areas that have a range of possible causes but no one really nows the reason it happens. But once again I say its a thing of personal choice and if people make that choice not to vaccinate thats their right. Good luck with your decision and I am sure whatever you decide is obviously right for you.

Deb, Vic


I have 2 children and have had both fully vaccinated including chicken pox which is not on the schedule.

I wonder if we all had our children vaccinated then would it be possible to eradicate some of these childhood diseases for the next generation as they did with small pox.

Some of these diseases can cause permanent disabilities and can also be easily passed to children who are too young for the vaccinations so really to me there was no difficulty deciding to proceed with all the vaccinations.

I would never forgive myself if my child was permanently disabled or worse from something that is preventable.


Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

I also looked into this and the disease itself is as scary as what can happen if the child is vaccinated. In the end, we decided on homoeopathic 'vaccines' which boost the immune system.

They provide a certificate for school.

I don't think schools are allowed to turn children down if they aren't vaccinated, the child may have to be removed if there is an outbreak but if the vaccines work then there shouldn't be should there!!??
How could any one even consider not vaccinating their child? In relation to SIDS, no one knows what actually causes it, nothing has been proven. Please vaccinate.

Baby: Jessika

I also share your feelings about being scared to vaccinate (my 7 weeks old baby boy is due next week) and I am a registered nurse and my husband a doctor! I reassure myself with the thought that so many thousands of babies are vaccinated every year and because of these vaccinations our country is relatively free of these common childhood diseases. I also put my mind at ease by thinking.. what would happen if you didn't get your child vaccinated and it caught something you could have prevented? that would rip my heart out. In the end it is your choice, and go with your decisions.
Hello vaccination is a big word in my book, due to the fact i almost lost my son several times after being immunised i did research into what is in the vaccines and there is phernadahight= you preserve dead things in this 3times the amount of recommened zinc and many other harmful cemicals. i no longer immunize either of my babies now and we are lucky they havent got any of the illnesses but immunisation does take away you wont get it it just makes sure if you do get it it shouldnt be as great as if you werent immunsed
only one i agree with is tetness and polio
sorry for the spelling.
my son was having apnea and after i reafused to immunise him he stopped his apneas also autism is a big known facture that is from immunisation maybe the scientest that have said that have been discreditted but for the cemicals in the immunisation are a great out balanced for a body that cant handle it which will react in such harmful measures like SIDS autism apnea ETC and to do with there are other things involved with sids such as smoking bottle or breast ETC my child was in a smoke free inviroment was in hospital and still stop breathing and was on neocate the most allegenic free formular that the per would reacommend for him so i think that i did as much as i could to stop it from happening and since we elminated everything we could and still was happening in the time frame of being immunised we had no choose to put it down to that and since then he hasnt had one since.
so in same cases there musten be any other reason and if it reacts to one it would ract to many others just as unexplanned because they loose there child.
hey all
we have just got our daughter vac last thursday, and we wouldnt look back both my hubby and i have been vac when we were babies and were fine, theres more of a chance off them catching anything then the side effects, its all confusing reading those side affect so we throught either vac and have a healhy bubs or not!

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

I can totally understand some mothers concerns about vaccinations, but I (meaning myself and not putting my opinion on others as every mother has their own right to do what they want with their child)also would never think of not immunising my babies.
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