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does anyone know where to get premmie clothes from like, up to 2 or 3 kgs?
ive found a web site in melborune, just need more ideas thanks!

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

yeah from baby zone wollongong i saw them in dere b4 but im pretty sure they would still sell dem now smile
I know that a place in Toowoomba that my brother works at specialised in premmie clothes, but I was told that they were selling out of the clothing and put more into the kinda Music....... I can contact him to see who they purchased them through as it was a company in Brisbane.

?Anni? QLD, Mummy 2 Courtney & Madisyn040.05)

i know baby target has a range of prem clothes, i havent had a good look at them so im not sure how broad a range it is but there was a couple of cute things there, there r a couple of stores in melbourne not sure about other states but i would say normal target would have some 2.
HTH (hope that helps)
btw (by the way) (sorry lol not sure if peeps know the shorthand) i read up on ur baby posts n would like 2 say congrats on ur bubs n hope everything continues to go so well smile

Nikki 24,Cody november 2000,preg n due may 8th

baby target has a premmie range and as they are all due to close down if normal target doesn't already stock them they prob will soon. Also try ebay - type in the search what you are after and there are bound to be both new and preloved premmie clothes.

Lots of Love


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

If you are near a Baby Target they have a range of premmie clothes. I have seen outfits, hats & bibs pretty much everything u need just premmie size.

Hope this helps.

Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2


My little girl weighed 2.4kgs on Birth and was only 2.2kgs when I brought her home from Hospital. I found that Target actually stock Premmie clothes if you search hard enough. Premmies 2.0kgs and bigger can fit into 00000 clothes (as did my little girl). You can find these in Target and Myer/Grace Bros. stores. If smaller than 2.0kgs, usually the Hospital will supply you with special nappies and specially knitted clothes until they are big enough to fit into proper clothes.

Hope that Helps!

Mum to Belle 10.10.03 & Max (Born & Died) 24.07.02


I'm in wa but you can get them at selested baby stores and a store called kids wear factory outlet. I have a girl, who was only 4 weeks early, but I also had thhese problems. It may also interest you (you may already know but I didn't and it would have helped) that huggies do make nappies for premmie babies but you have to order them over internet.
Hope this helps, if not you could try ebay????

Jasmine, 8 months

hey guys
yeah would love to get that number in toomwoomba?
ive got some in baby target but i need a small make...she is only 1.7kgs and trying to find small makes...the hospital doenst have many as they are a grade 2...when we were in syd they had everything..geez here we have to have our own nappies..thanks guyz for all ur ides hey cody....i went to baby zone yesturday nothing there....i throught they would as been a baby store.

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

serious they should coz i looked at dem wen i looked in there but this was wen cody was born !! yeah wollongong hospital is crap u have 2 supply evryfing so wen i went in dere 2 get induced i had 2 carry in 3 bags wid me just stuff 4 cody!! its unbelievable dese days as my mum said 20 yrs ago u only had 2 take yaself dere nuffin else coz dey supplied evryfing !! now ya have 2 take evryfing!!! maybe da new babies galore that opened in warrawong im not sure if dey do maybe u should give dem a try or look on dere website i fink thats it smile good luck
brand I used was 'baby jb prem'. they fit babies 2-3kg, hight 45cm, so will still be too big, but will be more wearable than others. be careful though if ordering when you can't see because some of the clothes they make go over the head and can be quite a prob to get on a premmie baby. we got one suit she never wore because we didn't want to try and put her head through the hole, even though in comparision to bigger babies and their clothes the hole is the smae size, premmie babies are more delicate!!!! they do make some really cute jackets that button down the front, overalls (for girls) and sleeping bags that have the cord at the bottom you tighten so their legs are free.

Jasmine, 8 months

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