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Oral Thrush Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I have a 6 week old daughter who has suffered oral thrush for about 5 weeks. I have tried nilstat for several weeks it didn't work then I took her to the doctors who said to just keep her on nilstat. I am now trying dactarin. She is Lactose intolerent so I can't try yoghurt and besides I would rather not try yoghurt as she is only young. Has any one got any other suggestions


mirabi 28/11/03

Hi petangle23. My son had this problem when he 7 months old from antibiotics. We had the same problem as you, the oral thrush would not go away. We also used the nilstat first the drops which seemed to go straight down his throat but we found the gel was better for us. I use to coat his dummy with it and let him suck away. I am not too sure which nilstat you are using or what age the child needs to be. What we did was used it for 2 weeks after any signs. We sterilised ANYTHING that went into his mouth. This included any toys, dummies and of course bottles. He was at the chewing stage so anything he chewed on was soaked in boiling hot water or wiped down asap. I am not sure if your Dr told you but if you are breastfeeding you can contract thrush in your nipples/breast. Sorry I cant help any further than this, but I know how you feel as my son had on and off for over a month. We thought it was never going to go away. Good Luck!
hey petangel23
we have used darkin ( i think thats what its called) its an oral gel, it seems to clear quite quickly, but it does come back, we boil her bottles and teats and dummys as milton doesnt kill the grem.,

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

my 5 week old has had it for about 2 weeks now, but in the last few days it has gotten quite bad. i haven't managed to get anything for it, cos i don't know what to get, but i have heard that the gel is best. and to sterilise everything.

sarah (20), damian (20), thomas (5wks) Auckland NZ

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