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Ongoing use of colic drops? Lock Rss

My son is now 10 weeks old and we have been using brauers colic relief for about 4 weeks now. I dont use it after every feed. Usually only once or twice a day and it seems to work well for him then. but i want to know if it is ok to keep using it on a regular basis? we have used 2 small bottles already. is it ok to keep using or is it something you should only give them for a few weeks then stop?

babyboy 10wks

I have been using brauers colic relief for my son. He has been using it for a few weeks now. I give him 1ml before each feed. I spoke to the naturpath at brauers and they said it was fine to use that amount and that he could take it for a few months. It is all natural ingredients so it is fine. If you are concerned go to their web site.
We use "infants friend" instead of "infacol" as it is all natural - it tastes like licorice and has worked more effectively for my 12 wk old than anything else. He rarely needs it now, especially since finding the ortho teats which have reduced the amount of air he sucks and also as he is getting stronger, we are lucky that he seems to be able to sort the wind out himself pain free.
Hi my son is now 10 months but he had colic very bad when he was a couple of months. Infacol did nothing for him so I took him to my Dr and he suggested mabentle it was excellent and I only needed to use it 4 times. On the bottle it says its for 6 month old babies and I freaked and told my Dr he said its fine and so did the chemist, they said as long as I have seen the Dr. It actually loosens the bands that squeeze around the intestines that cause the babies pain. But Im not sure how severe you sons colic is. But if it makes you feel better it wont last much longer, maybe another month.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

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