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This may sound like a strange question but i'm expecting a lil in the 2months and i was just wonder how many nappies do they go through in a week roughly so i know how much to buy!


LOTSSSSSSSSSSSS!! It really depends on your baby! A good sign of good breast feed or bottle feed is wet and soiled nappies, otherwise your child will become dehydrated. For a new born, we went through approx 2 packets in a week. Newborns soil their nappies often. It also depends on the quality of nappies & how much you want to spend. Huggies are very absorbent & that's what we use. We use the infant ones for boys and our son is not disturbed by the wettness because of the absorbancy. Buy them(many packets)when they are on special, especially the newborn ones!!!!!! Good luck!
Hi, My little one was going through about 4 nappies each feed. So I was roughly going through 170+ nappies a week. I hope this helps.
Newborn babies go through 8-10 nappies a day. This number decreases as they get a bit older. I bought the newborn Huggies bulk box of 108 nappies which should fit your baby until they are about 6 weeks old. I actually went through 3 boxes - huggies newborn nappies are the smallest I have come across - you need the smaller size for newborns otherwise they leak from the sides. Hope I was of some help.
Hi Jobeck. We bought 2 of the big boxes of the Huggies new borns to start with. They were a little bit big at first but in the end we only had to buy one packet of the new born nappies as our son grew out of the smaller size. What I am trying to say dont buy too many in the same size as they do grow pretty quickly up the nappy size scale. Its very hard to guess as you can just change them and they dirty the new nappy while you are changing them! This happens quite regularly and on a few occasions I went through 2 to 3 nappies in the one change as he just kepted on going to the toilet every time a new nappy was put on him. This is not funny when its around 2.00 am and you are dog tired! A friend of mine just kept the receipts which was great as she did buy to many in the same size. She had no problems swaping them over through Coles or Woolworths. Have fun!
MMM don't do what I did I thought I would be really organised and buy heaps when they where on little man was in the newborn huggies for only 4 weeks and I had to exchange some for next size up ...problem is that once they are over 5kg the newborn are too small & the other nappies all seem too big ...I'm using the infant ones at the moment he is 6.5 kg. I use huggies at night it is the only way to guarantee a good nites sleep...I am one of the silly mums who uses cloth during the day except when out then use the snugglers ( cheaper version of huggie made by same people) They say that the average amount of nappy changes per day is 6-8 that does not include the ones they wet before you even get them done up or the ones you accidently use a a cloth when it is in your hand and their sprinkler goes off with out warning and it will..(I have a little boy) Good luck with the impending birth I wish you all the best it will change your life completely but they are soo very worth it...Your heart will melt the first time they smile at you...relax and enjoy your last bit of peace and quiet and enjoy those sleep in's and quality time with you partner too...all the very best

Ally, Lachlans mummie, WA ,11wks

Hello, Your baby will be almost due by now. We get factory seconds nappies small (up to 6kg) is $29.95 for 132, so it works out ok. We go through 35 - 40 a week. On average we use 1 nappy per feed and we feed 5 times a day. We do put Huggie nappies on for bed or if we are going out for an extended period of time. I recommend you change the nappy after the feed becuase you can almost guarentee the feed will get either a dirty or wet nappy. Good luck, hope this helps and it might even save you some $$.
Hi jobeck,
When our baby girl was a newborn we were using about 9 nappies a day. I always changed her when she woke for a feed overnight. The number of nappies definitely decreases as they get older. I also bought Huggies when they were on special but I probably bought too many of the newborn size & we were then given some as presents. I would suggest having a couple of the newborn boxes but don't go overboard as you may be given some as presents.
Best wishes,
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