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If any of you wish to ask for help and advise in this subject feel free to ask me.

Luv Donna
"Remember you are not alone, someone cares"
Both my children have had to feed by bottle not by choice and both have had or are feeding on s26 ar and it is comforting to tell you that my 2 yr old has never been sick not even a cold and my 2.5 mth old is growing strong and healthy and now feeding him is easier knowing his feeds will stay in is tummy and not all over me and everything else that he use to projectile vomit on. Bringing up a little food is one thing but when it happens after every feed and you feel like the whole feed has been brought up , it is very scary and knowing there are products out there that can help is good to know.
Please help, I am the mum of a unsetted 3 month old reflux suffering babygirl. We have noticed a few positive changes since putting her on S26AR but can you offer any other hints and tips to help me through the day.

Try and keep baby as upright as long as possible after feeding, raising babys bed by 30 degrees. Maybe thickening the feed. Using antacids when required. If your refluxer is in a lot of pain sek help from your health pofessional. Their are many hints on my site, address below. The best advise I can give you, is to seek help and support from someone near, if that is what you are wanting. Australia have a great range of support, providing phone support, plus networking with myself and others for information. If you could email me with the whereabouts of where you are from, I can point you in the right direction. Otherwsie help and advice is online at

luv Donna

mum of 5 -

Hi Taysmum,
I don't know whether you are coping any better these days or not. There is a lot of talk in the 'Baby' section at the moment on Reflux and I have posted a reply to a query about this there. There are so many things you can do. It took us a while to adjust, but I found the most successful thing was to take our baby to a chiropractor, as this also helped his chronic colic, which I have found a lot of babies with reflux tend to have, too. Also try other methods such as the highchair, pram, phonebooks under the cot end, sleeping on tummy, your chest, snugli pouch, etc. Plus we use Zantac syrup and the S26 AR formula. There is more on the other post.
See how you go. These things all helped to keep us sane.
Good luck.
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