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hi guys,

i am getting sooo frustrated, i have been using huggies newborn anppies and never ever had a problem, now the last few days hayden (9 wks old now)(10lb 6oz 56 cms, 2wks ago) has started wetting through the nappies i still change them as often if not more frequently, i was wondering if anyone had any ideas why??? could they be too small now???

***haydens mum***

I would go to the infant size nappies. They are "sexed" so hopefully using ones made for boys should help. The starting weight for them is 4kg. Give it a harm in trying smile
my daughter has been in infant sized ones since she was 2 1/2 weeks!! i found the same thing was happening and if he is over 10lbs then he is defenitely too big for newborn sized nappies. 4kg is 9lbs so i would surely put him up a size and see how you go. my eldest used to wet thruogh his nappies all the time no matter what brand i put him in-just drank heaps and weed heaps!!
all the best

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Definitely change up to infant nappies!

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hey Kyze,
we had the same prob-We worked out me really needed to secure his doodle downwards! So it wouldnt leak up over the top of the nappy and all over his bed sheets/clothes and US! lol

Either that or he does need to be changed more frequently! (Which can be a nuisance), So maybe larger sized nappied may be the way to go! :)Goodluck xx

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