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Does anyone have a "hypersensitive baby" - Please help me! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

After a very long first 8 weeks of my little daughter's life and trying hard to get to the bottom of her general "miserableness" my MCHN has advised me to try and accept my baby's highly strung nature and move on. She seems to think that my baby crying all the time is just part of her personality and that rather than trying to find a cause and change her and keep expecting her to change, that i should try and see the positives (huh??) of this sort of personality???? I have pretty much ruled out reflux as being a problem, she's fine in terms of wind (have been using Marina Infant Mixture which is great) AND i've even been to the chiropractor who has fixed her dislocated shoulder and lower back problem. So all should be well. But it isn't. She still cries for no apparent reason (its not colic as its not constant screaming and not at a particular time of day). She's an absolute pain in the other end to feed and she just carries on and whinges for most of the time. If she's not asleep and not feeding, she's pretty much just crying, whingeing, sooking and driving me insane! I've tried dimming the lights at feeds, keeping noise to a minimum, not handling her too much and all the rest to reduce stimulation but it doesn't help.... I have an appointment with a really good GP in a week's time as i refuse to accept that this is just the way she is. I am NOT enjoying my little girl at ALL!!! I have not bonded with her and feel like i'm looking after someone else's child. I know it's terrible to feel like that, but this is truly how i feel. What doesn't help the situation more is that my 2 year old was such a good little baby and did everything by the book and was and still is (as far as i'm concerned) a little angel and i feel like i'm not getting to spend enough time one on one with her. So if anyone out there has been told they have a hypersensitive baby could you please shed some light on exactly what IS a hypersensitive baby and how do you deal with it??? Has anyone been told they have one of these babies and then found some other underlying cause of the fussiness? I want to start enjoying my little girl and i want her to start enjoying life!!

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

hi there

my baby girl is exactly the same she is very hypersensitive she chucks a hissy fit if my husband pick her up and not me and i thought she was uneasy as she had wind and changed formuler and now she is back on old formuler and infacol for burps and sometimes refuses to burps so iam with her and holding her and makes out she hungry every 20 mins so i pick her up and get my attention she has it all worked out and get tempermental she kicks me and screams no crying she screams and if the boys come near em she screams and chucks a mickey not bad for a 6 week old girl lol maybe its a girl thing and i dont know about the bonding thing it jsut happened for me i love her to peices but eventulley when i dont come and i make her dad do it she relizes i wont come but she makes out she need food or something liem burp or wind so she gets what she wants

she is very temepermental and has a attiuttide

mother of three beautiful children

Hi Sarah, I was told the exact same thing by a pediatrition, he said my bub is highly strung hyper- sensitive and a difficult baby. That was at 7 weeks, she is 14 weeks now and there is only a very sloght improvement even though i was told that they should grow out of it at 3 months. I was told there was nothing I could do and that it would settle down. YEAH RIGHT!

My only understanding of hypersensitive is just that if everything is magnified, normal digestion of food is painful to her,if she has a little tummy ache to her its agony, if she's unhappy to her shes miserable, if you tap her gently to her its like being shot! althoug the pediatrition did say that babies that are highly strung and hypersensitive turn out to have the best personalities I wish all this would hurry up and pass us by

What did the chiroprocator say? I have been mulling taking her to one but im scared it could cause damage.
What is her sleep like?
Have you tried to see a pedeatrition?

It is very difficult and I can sympathise as it does feel like there is no end in sight. I also refuse to accept that she is miserable for no reason but I havent found any cause, I am taking her back to the pediatrition if things dont improve soon as i am as grumpy, tired and frustrated as she is.

Maybe try Donnalix infant drops, they are for colic but it helps ease the discomfort of digestion, it worked great at 7 weeks but not now even though she should have grown out of her misery.

I hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, its hard but i try and find one thing every day about my baby that makes me smile and i found that no-one really has the answers because they muddled through one day at a time just like we are.

Good Luck

Amanda,Perth,nearly 10 Month baby Girl


I also have a baby as described above and I can definitely say it's not a girl thing.

We also thought it was colic and tried different remedies and treatment and nothing helped.

My lb 12 weeks would cry on end for hours and sleep for a few minutes only to wake crying again for hours.

I was highly frustrated and felt like I'm loosing my mind.

We consulted a chiropractor and it turns out he was colic but that wasn't the underlying problem because when the colic was treated he still cried and much more. Don't get me wrong he still cries...

When discussed with his Paed about two weeks ago he said he's hyper sensitive and I should take him for deep massage

After two weeks I finally gave up and decided to consult someone concerning the deep massage.

However the occupational therapist at the centre I went to for the massage said I should rather consult with her instead because he has a crying problem and so I did.

He is tactile defensive and very sensitive to clothing and touch. He hates the dummy and it's difficult to get him to actually suck on it. We ended up buying the cheapest round rubber dummy as advised by the paed. He only takes it when he pleases otherwise he refuses. These babies will grow up as fussy, picky eaters and sensitive children.

Anyway back to the occupational therapist... She told me instead of deep massage she'll teach me therapeutic brushing. I told her that everything we've tried works for one day only. She said that's his tolerance level. He's only able to tolerate it for a day and after that he will cry through whatever it is we try. Examples of soothing methods I've tried are leaving the Hairdryer on, Colic mixtures, baby swing, baby bouncer etc. My lb responded for only a day and sometimes less. However she said that we have to determine their tolerance so instead of trying something else we should stick to what we doing to soothe baby because if we change to something else they loose tolerance for the previous soothing methods.

She advised me to brush him everyday for 7 days after 2 hour intervals. She said it will get worst before it gets better and I should he persistent. The first day was wonders. He was the sweetest little angel and today he's crying again, however much less then he use to cry before.

Ironically we had an appointment with the chiropractor the same day and after telling them he might be hyper sensitive they also said it seems he is and advised me almost the same as the occupational therapist. Which basically means we have to over stimulate them to build their defence against their sensitivity.

Amongst other things I find swaddling him really comforts him. He loves being in the baby carrier and when he's tired I usually gently swing him in my arms to make him sleep. I also decided to breastfeed on demand because comfort feeding soothes him. Find the best soothing method for your baby.

Please do not ever shake your baby as it can be very dangerous. If you at your wits ends like I sometimes am, leave baby to cry on his/her own and go away. Just make sure to check on them if they quiet, but trust me I have left my lb to cry many times before and he's fine. He doesn't have much of a voice left because of the constant crying.

I really do believe it may be hyper sensitivity especially if silent reflux has been rules out.

Good luck to all you lovely mums and please don't think it's you because you are not to be blamed for your lo's condition.
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