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nights out without bubz??? Lock Rss

hi, i havent even had my baby yet, im due in afew weeks. im a young mum, and i have been planning to go to my school ball because its my last yr. only thing is bubz will only b 3-4wks old. i plan to express milk for that night, im really not sure if i should go or not. any ideas???
Hi There
I left my bubs with my mum for about 3 or 4 hours when he was just 2 weeks old once because of something that came up with the house and it involved alot of getting in and out of car. He was fine. I think its up to you and see how you feel once you get there. You could go for a couple of hours and leave or call whoever will look after bub to see how things are going.

Rachel Mum to Riley 6/1/06

You definately should go. Being made up, having your hair done, and wearing nice clothes, it'll make you feel good after the first few hard weeks of your new baby's life. Don't feel bad about leaving your bub with a sitter either. You need to get out and have a bit of ''you'' time every now and then or else it does your head in. Make sure you get bub used to feeding from a bottle before your big night, and then make sure you express enough to last the whole night, just in case you get held up, or spend a few hours at the after ball party.

Good luck with your birth and enjoy your ball!

3year old wonderful little helper

I was due to have my little girl in february and had my dirty dancing tickets booked for ages. I thought i would of had my baby 4 weeks early as she was number four child and the other 3 came 4 weeks early. She decided to hang on and i was induced dead on 40 weeks, therefore i was in hospital when i was supposed to be going to see dirty dancing at the theatre. The hospital encouraged me to go she was 3 days old. It felt really weird getting dressed up to go out just literally after having a baby and leaving her but i had a great night and she was fine. I would go your baby will be fine. Make the most of it now when she doesnt really know you are leaving her, its when they realise you have gone that makes it hard to leave them. I hope you go and have a great night!!!

Ceri mother of 4

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