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Hi there
Just wondering when everyone goes out/walikng/shopping/visiting in the whole feed/play/sleep routine?? Eg if you have to go to a doctor's appt - do you feed earlier/later? We find that bubs akes up whenever we put hi min the car seat. Also what do you do when you have visitors and baby is about to settle down to sleep?

mum to a cheekey monkey DS 23/03/2006

hi snowwhite,

during the say my son(9 wks) doesnt have a routine, he has a pattern of feed/play/sleep but when all this happens is up to him, when his hungry when he wakes etc.

so i go visiting after his 10.30am-12pm feed (he feeds between those times every morning) and cos i know that i make doc's apps. after 12 also.

th whole visitors and sleeping/settling baby, my son sleeps through noise a talking so its easy for me and he falls asleep by himself 90% of the time, every now and then he needs rocking or a top ur feed.

i hope i made sence and i hope u can relate to me. if not sorry but at least i gave u something to read LOL!!!

good luck!


***haydens mum***

I tend to do most of the outings after her morning nap. She usually wakes up about 10:30/11:00, so I'll give her a feed and then do what I need to. When it comes to the doctor, I'd suggest feeding before hand (I usually make appointments for later in the day, rather than early in the morning) because you never know how long you're going to have to wait.

Also, I've heard that going for walks with bub in the afternoon is good at helping them sleep better at night (not sure if there's much truth to that, but maybe worth a try).

If you're worried about bub sleeping with visitors, maybe sleep bub in a quiet room or let people know when is usally a good time to visit that way both you and bub get some rest during the day.
Hope this helps...

Sam and Hayley and bub

I go out in Connor's sleep time (he's now six weeks), which I know is 12-2.30pm. He used to wake up and fuss a bit when I was out shopping but now he stays alseep. I suggest you try and get yours used to going out. I stayed in for a week getting Connor set up on a routine and the first day I went out with him he freaked out, as he was so used to be being at home. He was way over sitmulated and he was awake for a 7 hour stretch when we got home! I now try and go out every day, or at least every other day. I find he gets bored and fussy if we stay home for more than two days (not to mention me as well!!)

I also try and take Connor for a walk outside for his afternoon nap. He usually doses off after about 5 minutes. It's great for me as well to get back in shape!

It's a bit of a pain that he wakes when you put him in his seat. Doesn't he settle when the car starts moving??

As for visitors to yours - you settle your baby and then tend to the visitors. Better still tell them to put the jug on!!

Sarah, Auckland

I usually go out after my son has had his first feed/bath routine. He goes to sleep and for some reason I can put him in the car then in the pram and it doesnt bother him at all. As long as Im home within a couple of hours . Im not too confident bfing in public.

Ronan is the boy 26/04/2006

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