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Crying everytime in Car !!! Lock Rss

Hi All,

Please help me...... MY son is 3months old and screams his head off everytime i put him in the car. I dont know what to do......I have tried lots of positions with his car seat, ive tried his plunket capsule and also his safe and sound car seat... nothing stops him, only will he stop when he cries himself to sleep which takes ages and is so distressing for him and me... some days i feel like driving off a cliff... ( i wouldnt) but i dont know what to do, the only thing i can think of is maybe its wind, if i stop and pick him up hes fine, he sometimes burps, it just depends.
I thought kids were supposed to love cars ??? please help..


Jen NZ baby Samuel 9wks

My son was like this so I know how frustrating it is.
He was about 9mths before he stopped crying in the car.
Soory I'm no help. Hang in there they will grow out of it.
Hi Jen

My son too was the same when he was a baby - he yelled his head off even when we were bringing him home from the hospital. When he turned 6 months old and we turned around his carseat to face forward, he was a new baby altogether. We used to dread going out in the car sometimes..till now (5 years later), i'm not sure what it was that bothered him.


I've lost count the amount of times I have had to stop the car!!!!! I found that toys toys toys and more toys helped and his favourite blanket. I now know that I have about a max of 30minutes before he has enough. I have also stuck a clourful sun shade on the bak window for him to look at, kept a CD of his favourite music in the car and just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best!!! I don't think there is too much that you can do except keep your trips to a small amount of time. I never get in the car unless he is fed, burped, dry and NEVER NEVER when he is tired.
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